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Friday, 6 July 2012

Building Walls

It's been a busy week, though more for Andy than for me!

I said those dreaded words, the ones that can make a husband's hair stand up on his neck... 'I've been thinking...'

We have a living room/dining room all in one. There's a lintel where the rooms were once two separate ones. The house was built in 1931, the days before open plan living became the thing to do, and it was knocked through by the last owners who lived here from the mid 1970s until we came nearly 10 years ago. I have really wanted a separate dining room and living room for some time and have toyed with the idea of wooden separators, but we have high ceilings, and nothing seemed appropriate.

So I started thinking...

Followed by a trip to the diy shop, and Andy got straight on with putting up the framework.

Followed by plasterboard

Lots of filling and sanding

'scuse the washing drying in the background, but it won't stop raining!!
I'm thrilled with the result. It's now been painted on the living room side, and we're in the process of trying to declutter the dining room, which means I'm trying to sort out my 'stuff'! I've seen some wallpaper I like for the dining room and hopefully we can think about that next month, I'm finding it quite exciting! I will keep you updated :)

While Andy's been busy with his sawing and banging, I finished off Adam's throw. It's a while since I started, but thought he wouldn't be bothered until the autumn, but as the summer is so dismal I thought I should get a wriggle on!

Adam stretched out the top while holding it up, so I took another photo below.

Take care


  1. Oh my, building a wall is a big project, and messy with all the sanding, etc. I like separate rooms, too. Hope you'll be happy with your dividing wall. The afghan looks wonderful!

  2. Forget the wall!! I'm checking out that serious yarn stash!!!

    The blanket looks wonderful.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Wow, looks awesome :)
    Yarn stash & a half!!
    Loving your blanket.

  4. Hi Cheryl, the rooms looking great what a clever hubby. Love the yarn stash and the throw ,gorgeous.hope you have a great weekend,love juliexxx

  5. Thank you ladies for the lovely comments. x

  6. How wonderful! I like separate rooms too - it will be great when it's all decorated and everything and you can sit back and enjoy it all :) Andy is very handy! Adam's throw is looking fab! Maggie xx

  7. Funny how the fashions in home improvements go in circles over the years isn't it. I was never keen on those long "knocked through" rooms, too much like train carriages I think! Good luck with the allotment. Looks like it needs a serious amount of digging! xx

  8. Hello Cheryl,
    I am I'm chuckling....because the I've been thinking expression must be international....I get the same reaction from Sr P when I say that perhaps not quite the same but more...a tweak of the eyebrows...a tut forming and to go to the loo a the hope I will forget by the time he comes out!
    Now seriously...hope you'll be posting photos of your new room when you finish and that throw is impressive...good one!
    How's the allotment going?
    Trying my hardest to send more sunshine vibes over to you should get there by third week in July :-)

    be good now!

    Amanda :-)

    1. Lol, I'll hold you to that, just in time for the school holidays!


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