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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Making a Start

One of those rare occasions again this summer - the sun has been shining today! Adam came round with his enormous pile of washing and then helped Andy to move the tv unit so they could get to the curtain pole. There was some polyfilling to be done and new curtains to go up. While Andy got on with finishing it off, Adam took Imogen to the allotment to make a start.

It was amazing! I underestimated Imogen, expecting a text to say she was fed up and wanted to come home, but no... Adam said she worked her little socks off, digging away at the weeds and roots with her little trowel, enjoying each others company.

When we arrived there we couldn't believe how much they'd cleared between them. Adam had spoken to a few other people who turned up to their patches, and said what a nice, friendly bunch they seem :)

There ended up being more than twice this many bags, amazing! I was so proud of them both :)

Imogen's back was starting to ache from all the bending with her little trowel, so Andy showed her how to use the big spade... and keep her feet intact!

Poor Adam was covered in scratches and stings, his hayfever was in full swing, but he said he would have happily stayed into the evening. He really enjoyed the hard work in the sun and feeling of accomplishment as areas started to clear.

There's still a great deal to be done, but what a great start. The allotment next to ours had lots of very ready onions waiting to be picked... looking forward to seeing ours like this next year.

How exciting!

Take care


  1. What a great job. I remeber when we had an allotment many years ago. Such a lot of work but very rewarding, especially at harvest time! Good Luck.

  2. The hardest bit is the preparation, but they're doing a great job. Did they sleep well after all that hard work and fresh air?

  3. Its starting to look good! Your little girl will get addicted to fresh air and hard work!

    Kate xxx

  4. Good luck with getting it sorted. Hope the weather improves so all the weeds stop growing like trifids!


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