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Friday, 13 July 2012

Restricted Access

I haven't been out much the last couple of weeks and haven't been feeling too well in myself, so as the sun decided to make a rare appearance today, Andy took me out for the afternoon. We planed to go looking at antiques and have a bit of a mooch around, just window shopping really.

There aren't many places locally (that we know of), we searched out a couple that were quite nearby. This is the first place

Look at that tiny door, there was no way my wheelchair was going through there. We parked up and Andy went to have a look. I can walk a few steps outside, and wondered if we took my chair in with us if I'd be able to have a little mosey about. He was gone for a while, came back and said it's very deceiving from the outside, it was enormous and absolutely packed full. There was no way I'd be able to manage and definitely wouldn't be able to put the chair up to sit on - how disappointing :( While I understand that making everything accessible can be an expensive endeavour and is some cases just not viable, it is so frustrating not to be able to even glance inside. Having run a small business ourselves, I don't expect people to jump through hoops, but I don't think clearing a path for a wheelchair is really too big a deal!

We found another place not too far away and they couldn't have been more helpful! The Old Waterloo Antiques & Collectables. Plenty of wheelchair access and very accommodating :) It had so many beautiful... and quirky things. There was a lovely fireplace surround with stunning tiles (I wish I had a photo to show you) that I'm sure should be in our house, unfortunately there is nowhere to put it and Andy didn't agree.

I also loved this wrought iron rooster, it would look so nice as against the kitchen door....

Maybe another day....

The man we spoke to owns the business with his father, and was very talented. He showed us a table he made using some old flooring

and there were stunning engravings in stone too.

he made the stone carving against the wall.

Definitely worth another visit.

Take care


  1. Sorry you couldn't get in the first shop. At least the second shop looks like fun. I really like that rooster!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too well, I hope you perk up soon. Waterloo Antiques looks exactly the kind of place I would enjoy browsing too.

  3. Oh my, I have never seen such a tiny door! I´m sorry for you, that you couldn´t have a look inside that shop. I love the rooster too, it looks like he is smiling a bit.
    Have a great weekend! xxxBarbina


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