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Monday, 9 July 2012

Bye Bye Kitties

10 weeks have passed since we had the 4 little kitties come and live with us, and now the last one has left. The mother disappeared again a couple of days ago, but we managed to find good homes for all her babies - it's the last time though, it was a big relief to get rid of the litter tray!

I thought the last one was the cutest, she was very much a people cat, enjoying lots of cuddles and strokes. I would have liked to keep her, but stayed strong - we already have too many animals!

I spent the last couple of evenings making a cover for the arm rest on our sofa. It's a large sofa and does get grubby arms from time to time, so it seemed like such a good idea. It's finished and sitting proudly on the armrest. Just need to make one for the other side now. Why is it never as much fun making a second version of something?

Here it is being tested out by the kittie before she left us.

Andy went to the council this afternoon and picked up the key for the new allotment. Hopefully the weather will improve enough soon so he can go and make a start. Still so much to do here though, still decluttering and tidying.... yes, that's how messy it was to begin with... sigh!

Take care


  1. awww those kittens sooooo cute!
    love the cover you made.
    This weather is driving me insane, our veg patch is in the garden which is convenient for us as not sure i would make time to go to an allotment. There was a break in the weather last night so I managed to get out in the garden for half hour last night! :)

  2. Little kittens are so cute but I know what you mean about the litter tray. We don't have any pets at the moment but will probably get a dog one day. At least they go outside, haha! I love your arm rest cover but I'm the same whenever I have to make two of everything. I was the same with the backs of cushion covers but now I don't have to make them anymore, yay! Thanks for your lovely comment. Lots of love xxx

  3. Exciting things happening over at yours! New allotment and making two separate rooms, busy busy! Hope the weather clears soon for the start on the allotment.
    Cute kitty! Great idea for the sofa, and I know what you mean about doing the next one...i feel like that about painting the living room walls - the first two coats it was fun to see the transformation, but the thought of doing the last.....
    Gill xx

  4. I have also just made some arm chair covers! I'll post a picture soon. Glad you are well. and cherio kitties!

    Kate xxx

  5. Hi Cheryl thanks for the comment and I hope the links were some use. Love the kitty, no wonder it was hard to say goodbye.

  6. Well its a good job I don't live near you (or so my hubby would say) because I'd be down to your place like a shot to grab this gorgoeus bundle of mischief away from you!!!! she is LOVELYYYYY.
    Very glad though you have found a home for would be much more difficult to do so here I assure you.
    I very much like the arm rest cover you have made ....are you going to put up a pattern for it??? I need to make something for my sofa similar to this. Our cat over the years has sometimes beat me in to my race to cover the sofa every morning before he gets at it and there is a very sorry patch on one arm rest tch!!

    Amanda :-)


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