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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New Arrival...

The school summer holidays are coming to an end, Andy went back to work yesterday and Imogen goes back to school tomorrow. Luckily I have a new friend to keep me company... So excited, she arrived this morning...

 I've yearned for a Blythe doll for a long time, but they are so expensive! My wonderful, thoughtful husband found another type of doll, a Tangkou, very similar to the Blythe dolls just much kinder to the purse :) He ordered me one straight away, and she arrived today, so excited, she's so beautiful!

 Her face is so pretty, little pointy ears, gorgeous big eyes (4 different colours) and the longest hair

Wow, her eyelids!
I think we're going to be the best of friends, I can't wait to start making clothes and hats for her. I'm thinking I may call her Cora.

It's been so hot today, I've been painting furniture in the new conservatory, but I was melting. When Andy came home from work this afternoon, we packed up and set off for the coast, a last afternoon at the seaside for Imogen before going back to school. It was gorgeous, the sky was blue and the beach quite empty.

What a beautiful view

A perfect sandcastle

Beach babe!

I knitted Imogen this cardigan last year.

 Imogen had a lovely time, I sat and crocheted some squares while I watched her play and Andy slept the sleep of the hard working... with a few snores :) She did have a little bump on her knee when she was in the sea, but took it like a trooper.

Take Care


  1. There is nothing more lovely than seeing a child playing by the sea. It looks perfect with all that blue sky and calm water.
    Your daughter is gorgeous. :)
    Anne xx

  2. Thank you, that was really lovely x

  3. What a cute doll. Lovely to be by the sea isn't it! Imogen is a very pretty young lady and the cardigan u made is wonderful

  4. Lovely pictures, and I love the cardigan. I can only make blankets! Hope Imogen (I love that name) has fun at school today. Samantha's already saying she doesn't want to go today, haha. She's only been back one day. But she'll be fine when she gets there xxx

  5. Lovely seaside pictures ... very British ... love the cardi too, you are clever! xxx

  6. What a considerate hubby you have! : ) I can't believe the summer is over, it went so fast! The day at the beach looks lovely and I can't think of a better way to end the summer school holidays. I hope the first day of school goes well... I'm sure Imogen will have a wonderful time!

  7. What a fabulous cardigan! (I would be drawn to the needlework.) I love an empty beach, especially if the weather is a little cool.

  8. Love the cardigan!! Great post

    Lexie []

  9. How lovely to enjoy a spur of the moment trip to a quiet beach on a sunny day - looks like Imogen had a great time, and sounds blissful crocheting on the beach!
    Love the cardi you knitted.

    Gill xx

  10. Crochet by the sea - bliss. Lovely photos. Imogen's cardi is gorgeous, I would quite like to knit myself something like that. x

  11. It seems so sad that they have had to go back to school in such wonderful sunshine! Glad you could make the most of the last day.

    Pomona x

  12. Just popped over from Ada's to say Hello and there's 'the' doll. My niece wanted a Blythe and couldn't afford one and I knew I'd heard there was a cheaper alternative ... how serendipitous to see this post! Have fun making all those tiny clothes :D

  13. Cora is sooo pretty! Looks like you had a lovely family day by the sea. There's nothing quite like that sea air :) Maggie xx

  14. Hi there,
    She is so lovely....look at those eye lashes!!

    great photos looks like September is making up for the ghastly start to the UK summer.

    keep well!

    Amanda :-)


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