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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Afternoon Cookies

It's been a lovely Sunday here. The weather is just about holding, so while I peeled and chopped for dinner, Andy was chopping and pulling (up weeds) in the garden. He cleared our old vegetable patch and I'm hoping to plant lots of bulbs in it ready for next Spring.... his hoping next weekend he may be at the allotment clearing and preparing it before all the weeds grow back!

Imogen and I made the most delicious cookies. We prepared the dough in the morning. This is one of my favourite cookie recipes though it feels a bit decadent...

We use 8oz of butter

6oz of caster sugar and 6oz  of soft brown sugar

This is creamed together with a teaspoon of vanilla extract

Added to this very high calorie, sweetness are 2 beaten eggs. Then the flour, 12oz of it and a teaspoon of bicarb and one of salt.

Then the really yummy part... lots of chocolate.

We used a couple of bars of cooking chocolate, about 12oz altogether, roughly chopped up with the odd taste check! Stir it into the gooey dough.

This makes a very sticky cookie dough. Separate into 2 and roll out into 2 fat sausages in clingfilm (otherwise it will stick to everything) and pop it in the fridge until you want to use it.

There may be spoons to lick at this point, depends whether a real sweet tooth or not!

When the dough is chilled it becomes nice and firm. Cut nice thick slices, about 2cm, and pop in an oven for about 10 minutes at Gas 5.

It should be just going golden on the edges when it comes out. leave on the baking tray to set and cool a bit, then transfer to a cooling rack, then to plate, then to tummy while still a bit warm... perfect!

Take care


  1. Looks delicious Cheryl. No baking for me today but I did make some cherry shortbread on friday. Tony has done his usual sunday evening bread bake though, delicious smell in our house now!

  2. Yum, I love cookies, especially when they are warm from the oven. I must bake some this week. x

  3. Oh yummy, you canny beat a home made cookie. These look delicious. :)

  4. Yes please! I'll start with two, one for each hand! Yum!

  5. Now I want to make cookies! :-) Thanks for visiting my blog! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Your making my mouth water!They look delicious xx

  7. Yum, I love a warm chocolate chip cookie!

  8. They look so yummy but very naughty
    Thea x

  9. Hi Cheryl, thanks so much for visiting my blog again. These cookies look absolutely delious! Thanks for sharing them, Shari!

  10. You have been busy! bet there are no cookies left, they look so delicious :)

    Bee happy x


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