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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Happy Afternoon

I haven't posted much recently, still getting back in the swing of the school routine and sorting out the new conservatory and tidying up from all the decorating - the house is almost unrecognisable inside from a few months ago!

We bought a 'new' record player last week. I won an auction on ebay, much to my excitement. Hubby and I couldn't wait to bring it home and dig out our old records - and explaining to our 10 year old what LPs and 45s are! It now lives proudly in our new conservatory, a few old water marks on the wood, but we love it none the less.

 I was in the kitchen making Toad in the Hole with mash and veggies, good winter warmers,

love fresh broccoli

and having a sing-a-long to good old Frankie.

Absolute bliss!

Even the dogs were enjoying it and had a little dance along with me...

What a lovely afternoon, cooking, singing with the dogs, a lovely hot meal for the family and even the chickens had a treat from all the veggie peelings.

Take care


  1. There's something very nostalgic about listening to LPs I find, it transports you to another time and place - fabulous!
    Victoria xx

  2. Oh my gosh, I haven't played an actual record in many years. I well remember singing along to "Sherry" by the Four Seasons in a pub during college. It was an old song even then!

    1. That's one of my favourites, my nan used to sing it to me when I was small :)

  3. We bought a record player at a carboot a few years ago for KL. She loves playing our old vinyls - she had my old Bob Dylan LPs on at the weekend- it took me right back to being her age (17).

  4. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an autumn afternoon Cheryl ... I'd love an old record player, found lots of HMV lp's recently, and did I mention I saw Frankie at the MEN in July? ;)


  5. What a great time you had! We have a turntable and occasionally get our old LPs and 45 s out and have a nostalgic time listening to them all. I have got that LP of Frankie Valli and the four seasons too!

  6. I think records have a great sound too them! I've had to explain to mine about vinyls, mind you they need to explain to me how to use the wii! Ada :)

  7. Cool a record player, how amazing. I have records but no player. My 5 yr old is fascinated by them.

  8. Nothing quite like a record player and listening to our favourite music. BLISS!
    Anne xx

  9. My husband still has his turntable and vinyl - nothing will ever persuade him to get rid of it! There is something about the sound of vinyl records - lovely. x

  10. I love listening to my vinyl....BUT was horrified recently when I found my record player isn't working :( Congratulations on your ebay win...what a fun purchase!

  11. Amazing record player - my grandmother had one just like that!

    Thank you so much for becoming a follower - have given you a shout-out today!

    Pomona x


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