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Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow and bits of wool!

The snow arrived at last, and when it came, it really came (though not in last year's amounts). For us it was a good covering, Honey and Imogen were so excited, Honey was snuffling about, burying her nose... must have been so cold!

In the afternoon, Daddy took Imogen to the park - we really are so lucky to have such a gorgeous park so close to us. We've had the sledge for a few months now, and Imo was starting to worry she wouldn't get to use it. Even Daddy had a turn, and they both came home fresh faced and nithered!

While those two were busy freezing themselves, I stayed at home in the warm (I get a bit scared to go out when the weather's like this in case I slip, or my chair gets stuck), and started sewing in the ends from my crochet throw. I have to admit to putting it off as it seemed a bit of a daunting task - so many ends! I made a good start, and have consoled myself about the waste from all the small ends that get snipped off after securing by collecting them in a large mason jar.

I plan to collect odd snippets of wool, thread, ribbon and fabric throughout the year rather than throw them away, then with some water soluble paper and the sewing machine I plan to create my own unique fabric! I'm being inspired from this lady and the tutorial here, I came across the post when I was feeding my pinterest addiction.

It's my birthday tomorrow, and it's so good to have everyone together (son staying the night), and Imogen has done so much baking with Daddy that I'm not sure where it will all go - pics to follow.

Take care

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