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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Happy Colours

I haven't painted my nails for a while, and the last few times I've used a gorgeous, vibrant red. Today I opted for a varnish called 'Troll' (from George in Asda), hmmm, that's what I thought, but it's a lovely rich, deep colour with a matte finish and looks fab with some bright gold (looking yellow) flicks. I don't think the lighting is very good, but you can get the gist.

my thumb!

trusty bottle of George nail varnish
I'm all ready to start on my next crochet project, I'll be able to flick my new nails around as I do lots of hooking.  I wanted to start a Granny Stripe blanket as my next long term project, and felt really inspired by a thread on UKS all about them - it also means I'll have a place to go if I need help :)

The snow is falling thick and fast and has been doing all afternoon and evening, luckily we'd already been to the shop to stock up on some happy, pretty wool colours. These are what I plan to use for my Granny Stripe.

They look prettier in real life :)

Now I just need to get started on that pesky chain so I can enjoy the 'stripiness' tomorrow, curled up indoors away from that very cold snow!

Take care

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  1. Owww loving the colours you have chosen to do your granny stripe blanket in, cant wait to see it started! Xx


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