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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Scones and Blankies

My fingers are aching, but I've finished my Granny Square blanket, just the right size to cover ones knees on a cold winter's evening (like now).  It's only the second item I've crocheted, and I love it, why didn't I pick up that hook years ago... it was always something on my 'to do' list. You can see the pile of squares in another post, just waiting to be crocheted together. Now my poor bed cardigan I started knitting before Christmas is being totally neglected! Anyway, back to the crochet... here it is... I made a little edge for it, not sure if it's very clear in the photo :)

After all that hard work, it was only right that I should celebrate with a nice cup of tea in one of my gorgeous china cups that we recently found in a charity shop whilst looking for woolly jumpers...

and enjoy one of the yummy scones that Andy had baked - he makes wonderful scones! Still a bit warm in the centre, with lots of jam... feeling very spoilt!

Take care

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