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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Hooking

I can't believe I left it so late to discover how wonderful crochet is and how happy it makes me :)

I started my chain, 300 chains in a gorgeous, rich plum colour. I laboriously did my chain, then the next pesky double crochet row, ready to do my favourite trebles. I changed from the plum to a pale lilac and started to notice that it was curling. I thought I'd done my chain relatively loosely, but it was definitely getting looser...

You can't really tell from the above photos, they just show how much I had to undo!!!!!! Hubby was saying it'll be fine, but it's my first Granny Stripe blanket, and I really want it to look lovely, so I undid it all... and started again...

This time I used a bigger hook. I used a 4 the first time, last night I used a 6 and a slightly smaller chain, 240 instead of 300 - still loads! After my chain and double crochet row, I switched back to my lovely bamboo 4 hook and... I was away, having lots of fun...

I took 2 photos, but paid the price of not using natural light, it shows how I'm getting along though. Lots more lovely colours to do, and I love how quickly it seems to be growing. I'd like it to go on our bed, so a long, long way to go... but I already know what's next... a mini one for my little niece and her dolls pram, I'm thinking with little pom poms sewn on :)

Take care


  1. Yay well done it looks awesome :) i have run out of wool already, 10 balls so far eeeek, think i will need about 30 more as its massive :)

    Much Love Katy xx

  2. It's coming along lovely :) Isn't awful when you have to unravel?


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