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Friday, 17 February 2012

Ribbon and Jars

I love ribbon, I love lots of things especially when they're crafty, and I do love a bit of gingham.

We had our kitchen changed a couple of years ago and it turned into a bit of a nightmare at the time. It's 'OK' now, the floor is crying out to be replaced, but it just doesn't make me feel how I'd like my kitchen to feel. In my quest to make it more 'me' I bought some mason jars for things that were previously in plastic containers and hidden in cupboards. I used some pretty red gingham ribbon and die cut some tags so I could label them, and now they're displayed on a shelf... looking pretty and freeing some more cupboard space.

Most spare time at the moment is taken with crocheting my yummy blanket, I'm so pleased with how it's looking. I'll take some more photos tomorrow to show you how it's coming along :)

Ooh, and last night hubby added a link to my Pinterest boards, beware though... it can be a time stealer!!!

Take care

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