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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

More Reading sat in God's Pocket

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The weather here in Yorkshire is absolutely wonderful. After a couple of days with some much needed rain, the sunshine has returned in all it's glory. It's the school half term so we have our lovely Imogen at home for the week (not that I feel we've seen much of her) and it's been lovely to have her come and join me in the garden so we could sit in the beautiful sun and read our books together.

I've read a couple of books and enjoyed them both.The first was The Escape by C. L. Taylor

 I've read a couple by C. L. Taylor before and enjoyed them, perhaps a little more than this one, but I still enjoyed it. The book is about Jo and her young daughter Elise. A stranger turns up professing to know more about Jo's husband and daughter than she should. It's full of twists and turns, sometimes told from the point of anxious Jo and at other times from her frantic husband, Max's view.

I also read The Couple Next Door this week by Shari Lapena.

 A well written book, this was my first experience with this author and I shall definitely be reading her again. It's every parents greatest fear, the couples 6 month baby disappears from her cot. The story takes you through the emotions, doubts and fears the couple experience and how far people will go when pushed to their limits.

I did most of this reading in the garden (I like to read when I go to bed too, though I do suffer from the 'just one more page' syndrome and have to try to discipline myself). I love our little garden so much, it makes me so happy, I feel like I must be sitting in God's pocket! I've taken photos that show how much things have grown since my last lot of pictures... even the fish are growing.

This is our rambling rose, I'm not sure if I should move it to go against a wall rather than try and tame it up the pergola. This was the first time I've bought a rose so I didn't really know which would be the best.

This is the rose on the other side of the pergola, this one is a climber, I think I should have purchased two of these really. Also, it seems to be thornless whereas the rambler is very thorny. The aphids aren't fussy though and both have been covered in greenfly until we sprayed them. I'm hoping we may get some ladybirds to come and gobble them up.

I wasn't sure if we would get any roses this year, but look... lots of buds appearing.

 I so enjoy sitting by our new pond feeding the fish. They must see my shadow appear and they race around coming to the surface to eat their breakfast. The plants in the pond are starting to fill out more now too.

 The alliums have had their moment, perhaps past their best

though I think they look just as stunning as seed heads without their petals still towering above everything else.

I've put a few hanging baskets out, one is full of strawberries so I'm looking forward to some juicy fruit. Some pretty petunias in this one.

You can see the suns' rays shining through from behind the greenhouse.

Carrots and sprouts in one, lettuces and cauliflowers in the other.

Tonights radishes were picked, you can see how big this one is compared to Andy's hand - so delicious too.

I hope you're all able to enjoy some of the lovely weather we've had.

Take care


  1. What a flourishing garden you have. Look at the size of that radish!!

  2. Your garden looks great! and i'm in admiration of all your fresh veg too :-)
    I've read The Accident by CL Taylor but not anything else, i seem to remember that i enjoyed it. I've seen The Couple Next Door in the book shops and have added it to my reading list, It's nice to get a good recommendation.
    Let's hope we can have more of this lovely weather :-)

  3. Such a pretty garden and a lovely place to enjoy the sunshine.

  4. Your garden (& your weather) are looking wonderful Cheryl. I love the idea of you being sat in Gods pocket ... I shall remember that. I always love the verse "one is nearer Gods heart in a garden, than anywhere else on earth". Very true.

  5. The garden is looking beautiful. It must be lovely to get out and enjoy it in this lovely weather we've been having.
    The produce looks to be growing so well. That radish! X

  6. Your garden is lovely, it makes a change to have some good weather so that we can sit outdoors and take advantage of the little havens we make for ourselves. I haven't heard of either of those authors, though I've got quite a few books lined up to read at the moment so I'd better not rush out and buy any more.

  7. What a joy to visit and see your wonderful garden. Such beautiful produce. I must admit to been a little envious, I do miss the produce from our old garden.

  8. Beautiful garden! Love to see all the goodies growing. The only thing I ended up planting this year were tomatoes and peppers. I'm hoping to save at least those from the deer lol. I think I'm feeling a little discouraged after last year. I'll be gone visiting Mum for six weeks this summer too so it's difficult taking care of a garden while away for that long.

    Interesting reads. I've read some by C L Taylor and have enjoyed so I'll have to keep an eye out for that one.

    Enjoy the weather while you can!

  9. Your garden looks so colourful.
    I'm truly amazed by the size of that radish!
    Hope you have another relaxing weekend in the warmth of the sun.
    Lisa x

  10. You are indeed sitting in God's pocket looking out at your beautiful garden. It is thriving beautifully isn't it. I am sure those ladybugs are not too far away. I hope they gobble up all those icky aphids.

  11. Those books sound good.
    Wow that is a big radish. Don't think I've ever seen one so big.
    We've been having some nice sunny days too after nights of rain.

  12. What a lovely post Cheryl.
    Your garden looks lovely and as well as all the flowers, plants, veggies doing so well - I love your garden ornaments too, they are so colourful.

    I would love to sit a while by your pond enjoying a cuppa!

    My good wishes for this new month of June.

    All the best Jan

  13. Your garden looks like a perfect place to read Cheryl. Glad you enjoyed your books.

  14. Hi Cheryl, so god you were able to enjoy some lovely weather. Hope it continues. Lovely to have a garden to sit and read in. Your pond looks great, love the little fishes!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. You have a beautiful garden. It looks like a great place to relax with a book and enjoy the lovely weather :)

  16. This post just made me smile, Cheryl!! How wonderful your gardens are!! I just read on Mama's Mercantile about finding her piece of heaven and I do believe you're feeling the same way!! Those fish are just adorable!! Rather sociable, aren't they?? : ) Take care and be safe and have a beautiful week ahead!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  17. Your garden looks lovely, lots of nice things growing in the greenhouses too.

  18. Your garden looks fab , enjoy your week.


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