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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Bit of Upholstery

It hasn't stopped raining all day and yesterday was on and off most of the day as well. I've been keeping myself busy catching up with some chores I've neglected while I've been warming myself in the sun reading my books.

I bought this footstool in a charity shop a while ago and always intended to recover it. It gets used every day and is nice and comfy for my legs.

I started by turning it over and unscrewing the legs, nice, easy start.

There were staples all the way around, some took a bit more of a pull than others to remove. Can you see the 10 holes in the bottom? 4 of them are from where I unscrewed the legs, the other 6 are from the button on the front being pulled through and stapled in place.

Ugh, look at the mess, I can't believe we've been using this! I removed the buttons and threw them away.

Andy popped round the corner to get me some foam to replace the existing cushion. It was rather expensive so I decided to order some online instead. I only had to wait 2 days for it to arrive so it was worth it.

Some fabric to match the rest of the room and neutral enough for into be used in other rooms.

I wasn't expecting it to be this bad, the existing foam had disintegrated quite badly leaving a horrible mess, I didn't realise until I removed the outer fabric.

The foam I'd ordered only came in already cut sizes so was a little bit large. I placed the bottom over it and marked a line with a pencil then cut it with a knife.

Cut the fabric a bit bigger than I needed then wrapped it over and used my upholstery stapler to fix it securely in place.

I already had some uncovered buttons with shanks, so used small pieces of the same grey fabric to cover them.

I covered 6, but decided to use 4. When they were in place I used a left over piece of fabric, cut it to size, folded a tiny hem and stapled it over the bottom to hide any rough edges and stapes.... with little marks so I knew where to put the legs back in.

All finished and looking quite smart in the sitting room. The new cushion has made it a much firmer surface and it looks like new... and it's clean.

Hope everyone is keeping dry, what's everyone else been up to?

Take care


  1. Great job, it's nice to put your feet up, xx

  2. How satisfying. Its lovely.

  3. That did make a bit of a mess, but it all turned out great once you were done. Great Job!! Now you can put your feet up and get back to reading. : )

  4. Such a great transformation Cheryl - you have done an amazing job of it all !!

  5. A fabulous transformation Cheryl. You've given it a new lease of life. X

  6. A great transformation it is looking stunning all ready for those cooler days putting your feet up with a book.

  7. Dear Cheryl
    You made a great job of that - now it is ...useful and beautiful... (William Morris would be proud!).
    Best wishes

  8. Good job on the re-covering, it's very satisfying when we can give new life to something pre loved.
    We've had lots of rain too, and the past 2 days it been very windy too. Hopefully it will brighten up next week.

  9. What a great result. Time to put your feet up again now.

  10. You have done a great job. It looks good one. It looks very soft so that our feet will feel comfort:)

  11. What a wonderful job Cheryl! Looks great. Enjoy!

  12. It looks wonderful. I need to recover my kitchen chairs soon, they are showing wear and tear.

  13. You did a very good job there, it looks great.

    I'm hoping the weather may be nice over the weekend, it's been quite wintry these past few days.

    Hope your weekend is a good one.

    All the best Jan

  14. I love the finished project. My cat would love to curl up on that! We've had a sunny Sunday. Have a nice week.

  15. Very smart. You did a great job updating the footstool.
    Lisa x

  16. How wonderful!! It looks like a rather expensive little stool now!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  17. Wow! That turned out great! Such a nice makeover.


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