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Friday, 12 May 2017

Garden Life

I've been spending a lot of time in the garden the last couple of weeks. It's been blissful out there with the birds singing and the pond trickling away. Today has been lovely and sunny, but even on chilly days with the rather horrible north easterly wind we've had battering us over the last couple of weeks, I've still been out there with a blanket round me, reading my book and hugging a hot cup of tea.

As it's been nicer weather today I took the opportunity to take some photos... I'm also hoping you may be able to identify a rather lovely flower for me.

These are so pretty, a lovely delicate pink colour

We've replaced our lavender this year as the old bushes were getting a bit woody.

There are sunflowers against the fence, I'm hoping they'll grow nice and tall.

We bought 2 roses, a climber and a rambler, one pink one peach and both scented.

Lots of Alliums were planted in the autumn, I absolutely adore them

I don't know what this beautiful little flower is. it's growing quite tall and I love it's small compact blooms, I'd love to know what it's called?

Lots of carrots...


 Brussel sprouts...

Cauliflowers, radishes, shallots and lettuces...

Some more lavender

Nearly time for tea

3 little dogs, exhausted from lying in the sun all afternoon

The forecast isn't sounding to good for the weekend so I don't think I'll be venturing out as much except to feed fish and water plants.

Hope it's warm where you are

Take care


  1. I enjoyed walking around your garden Cheryl, it is looking. Beautiful, not sure what the plants are, I can't remember remember​ all mine, love your robin clock, xx

  2. Such a lovely time of year. You have lots of great things growing in your garden.

  3. What a pretty garden you have, Cheryl. Very soon it will be amassed with flowers and veggies. One of life's pleasures is to spend time in a garden with a good book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. Enjoy!

  4. Lovely photographs Cheryl. Your vegetables look to be coming on a treat. It's been beautiful weather to be out in the garden this week hasn't it. Although our much needed rain arrived yesterday. X

  5. Your garden is amazing and I can't believe all the wonderful vegetable plants you have. Your the little dogs are adorable! Enjoy your weekend, Pat

  6. It's all looking lovely Cheryl.
    Not sure what your flower is called but it is very pretty.
    What a cute pic of the doggies:)-x-

  7. You've certainly got green fingers, everything in your garden looks beautiful. Not sure about the purple flower, I can't really make the leaves out in the photo but they look a little similar to an aquilegia and the flower looks a little similar to aqulegia clementine, though I'm not convinced it is this plant.

  8. Dear Cheryl
    The pink plant in the first photo is a persicaria bistort (common name, Bistort) and the blue/purple one looks to be a very double type of aquilegia (common name columbine), possibly something like 'Winky Blue'.
    You have some lovely plants.
    Best wishes

  9. Hi Cheryl
    What a lovely post, loved seeing all your pretty flowers and veggies you have growing.
    I see that fellow bloggers have helped you out in the plant identity - that's great!

    Do have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather may send your way.

    My kettle is on for a lunch-time cuppa...

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  10. Hi Cheryl! You're inspiring me! I like the idea of sitting outside with a blanket and a cup of tea! Your flowers are lovely! The three tired pups look adorable resting on a cushion.

  11. I would say its an aqueliga, I love them they self seed and pop up were you least expect them :-)

  12. That looks a lovely garden. I like a nice garden but don't like gardening at all. Fortunately my husband seems not to mind! I like the idea of a blanket outside. That's on my list of things to do soon!

  13. How pretty the garden looks, Cheryl, with promise of things to come.

  14. Just catching up after being away. The Alliums are beautiful, lovely colour. Its an Aquiliga your mystery flower

    Julie xxxxx

  15. Can't help with the flower name but your garden looks beautiful! Now that we're back I'm going to start planting the garden. My friend gave me some of her flowers to plant (again). She said I wouldn't be able to kill them, but the last lot she gave me haven't grown so we shall see lol. My only problem is that I like to grow veg but I'm gone for six weeks in the summer so they don't get a lot of care. Sigh. Maybe this year I'll just do flowers.

  16. Your garden looks so much more organised than mine... and your three little dogs are adorable! Jx

  17. Lovely blooms you have growing in the garden

  18. Hi, Thank you for sharing the story of showing your daughter about snapdragons and it backfiring on you! That was a cute memory.
    Your flowers and veggies are looking great. I know you look forward to tea each afternoon. Your sweet doggies are precious. We have a chihuahua/terrier mix that looks very similar to yours. They are precious companions, aren't they.

  19. I'm glad others were able to help you identify the flowers as I don't have a clue, but I can say how pretty they all look! Your garden is very productive with all those veg as well.
    Being outside in any weather can do wonders for us, especially with tea!
    Lisa x

  20. Your gardens look lovely and your pups made me smile!! Have a beautiful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy


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