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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Catch Up and a Pond

What a week we've had, plenty going on, even during the night. It was 1 in the morning and Imogen knocked on our bedroom door to tell us through a clenched and wonky mouth that she was in quite a lot of pain. I suspected she'd dislocated her jaw when she'd yawned. Off to A & E, hoping it would be relatively quiet as it was a Tuesday night... it wasn't. Andrew went with Imogen and they didn't return until 5am, both exhausted. Imogen had dislocated her jaw when she'd yawned and it hadn't popped back quite into the right place. She now knows how to massage it back if it happens again. It was unpleasant, but not as awful as when her knees dislocate.

April's a busy (and expensive) month for us, both my children were born in April. We celebrated Imogen's 15th birthday last week. She had a wonderful day and felt thoroughly spoilt, just as she should. We had a little family party in the evening, which is what she'd asked for, and then all settled down to watch Mama Mia... and have a good old sing song too!

Imogen isn't a big fan of cake, but does like a chocolate fudge one warmed up and served with some ice cream. I just don't know where the last 15 years have gone, but isn't that just how we all feel, time passes fars too quickly! My son and his girlfriend took Imogen to Meadowhall on Saturday for her birthday present... she shopped till they dropped! It's one of her favourite things about her birthday, getting to spend the day with her big brother.

Things have been busy at home too. I'd been thinking about a pond in the garden for a while, but wasn't really sure if we'd fit one in our small space. Andy planned it all out, did his research and started digging. I wasn't quick enough to get a picture before he put the fleece in, but you can roughly see the size of the pond here.

Onto of the fleece went the pond liner. It was easier to do it this way as he could make it the shape needed for the garden, it also made it a lot cheaper. I think the hardest part has been getting rid of all the mud and stones that were dug up, it meant a few trips to the tip to get it recycled.

Andrew's worked really hard on it and there are still a few small jobs to finish off (a bit more gravelling is one), but it has been very worth it. I absolutely love our little pond with it's plants and yesterday we were able to add some fish too (we had to wait until the water had been in for a fortnight before we could get the fish). I can't tell you how relaxing it is to just sit and watch the fish swimming about with the small trickle of the water to listen to.

We've had toads in the greenhouse most years,so I'm hoping that next year we may even have some toad spawn and other wildlife.

We also need to cover the pond with a grill... here's a photo of Mitzi going for a drink. I took it in the evening, it's not a very good picture.

I'm pleased to report that our other cat, Sassy, is not remotely interested and would rather stay inside sleeping and stretching...

After all the hard work, Andrew was rewarded with a nice hot roast dinner, all trimmings included.

Here's a quick photo of my hexies, I have my box in the conservatory and make up a hexie or 3 when I go in there, definitely going to be a long term project.

Take care


  1. Yes.. Not just tiring, it's done my back in as well. Still, it was worth it..... Now where's the beer.

  2. Could you send him over here, the pond looks amazing???

  3. Goodness, a dislocated jaw through yawning, I do hope it's getting easier now and that Imogen isn't in a lot of discomfort. The pond looks fantastic, a job well done.

  4. I didn't realize you could dislocate your jaw by yawning. Certainly sounds painful.
    The pond is lovely. Great job.
    Ken made one in our yard too and I love to hear the water. It sits right outside my kitchen window.

  5. Happy birthday to Imogen! I'm glad her jaw is okay now, it sounds very painful. I love your pond, it looks beautiful! My grandparents had a koi pond and it was so pretty and peaceful to watch.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Imogen....and ouch at the dislocated jaw.
    The pond looks beautiful. I'd love one in our garden but we haven't the room really so I might have to settle for one of those self contained water features just to get the sound of water into the garden.
    I have never fancied doing hexies but I have just bought a quilting magazine with the most awesome quilt where you don't actually have to sew them attach them to another piece of fabric and then machine quilt over the top of them...oh my life it is gorgeous.
    Looks like you are building up uite a collection now-x-

  7. Love your hexies! What a great to-go project. I love the pond too. My brother in law works for a company that sells and installs them. They are so relaxing. Cheap therapy really! Happy Birthday to the kids!


  8. What a lovely post but Oh poor Imogen. How painful that must've been. Belated birthday wishes to her. We made a pond in our yard & our big fluffy german shepherd dog used to swim in it during the hot summer months & he ended up clawing the pond liner ... we wondered why it always leaked. He is no longer with us but yes, we did have some problems with cats "fishing". I wish you lived closer Cheryl, I could give you many goldfish as ours have bred in the pond. Yours looks lovely I must say - your hubby has done an amazing job. Have a wonderful week xxx

  9. Sending belated birthday wishes to Imogen! That's sweet of her big brother to take her shopping for her birthday.

  10. What a week you had! Please pass alongbelated birthday wishes to Imogen. She is a lovely girl. So sorry about her jaw. Sounds painful.
    Your pond looks wonderful! Thank God for handy hubbies!
    Have a good week.

  11. So sorry about Imogen's jaw. She is beautiful and I hope she enjoyed her birthday.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

  12. Happy birthday to your daughter x

  13. Dear Cheryl
    What a week of ups and downs! I'm pleased to hear Imogen is OK again. The pond looks great - the beer and roast dinner was well-deserved!
    Best wishes

  14. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! How wonderful you're going to have a pond!! I've always wanted one but there's no way my cats would leave the fish alone and the dogs would be using it as their own personal swimming pool. Lol!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  15. Sounds like you've been really busy! Dislocating your jaw sounds really painful for your daughter.

    Love the pond. All that hard work certainly paid off. It looks lovely. He certainly deserved that dinner!

  16. Belated birthday wishes to Imogen. Ouch.... poor girl, the dislocation sounds painful.
    Nice cake ...yummy!
    Great pond... well done to your workman for such a great job.

  17. Belated happy birthday wishes to Imogen.
    Pleased that her jaw is okay now, it sounded very painful.

    I love your pond, it looks great... and yes, he certainly deserved that dinner. Who can resist a Roast Dinner!

    Good wishes for May

    All the best Jan

  18. A belated Happy Birthday to Imogen. I hope she's feeling much better now. A dislocated jaw doesn't sound much fun.
    The pond looks fabulous. The roast dinner was well deserved. X

  19. Wow, I didn't know you could dislocate one's jaw by yawning...sounds very painful. Happy Birthday to Imogen. Sounds as if she had a lot of fun. LOVE your pond. It looks like a very calming and beautiful place.

  20. A well deserved roast dinner I'd say after all that work getting the pond in. What a wonderful addition to your garden!
    Happy belated birthday to your not so little girl! Hasn't she got the most fabulous curly hair!
    Lisa x

  21. A friend of mine once dislocated his jaw, in the most ridiculous situation!
    He was in a meeting at work, and after a couple of hours listening to the CEO waffling on about not very much, he turned away from the table to have a sneaky yawn.....and that's when it dislocated! It's all in the timing!
    Hope Imogen's jaw is fine now!

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