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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Daffodils and The Deep

Thank you for all your lovely messages of support regarding my dad, they're very appreciated. When my son and his girlfriend (Holly) took Imogen to visit their grandparents last weekend, they took Andrew's old telescope with them. Andrew had upgraded to a different telescope and my dad was absolutely thrilled with it. Mum says he has perked up considerably and is enjoying tinkering with it, which is fantastic news as his mood was dipping.

As I've mentioned, Hull is the UK city of culture this year. There seems to be lots going on most of the time, but what caught my eye over Easter was a wonderful display of lego daffodils. These are some of the pictures from the internet (the ones I took were full of people).

Isn't this cute with a little bee settled on it

There were more than 1700 individual flowers there, all made from lego, how brilliant! When the display was over, the flowers were taken down and all of them were given out to people who queued up to have one, what a lovely idea.

Even a watering can to help keep the flowers fresh

Yesterday was the last day of the Easter holidays. We were looking Holly's little girl for the day as both Adam and Holly were working, so thought it would be nice to go out. We went to The Deep, a place that was as much fun for adults, a 14 year and 7 year old alike. There was so much to see as well as things to do, stroke the starfish and touch the sea anemones, follow the turtle trail and lots of interactive things to do.

the view from inside The Deep over the River Humber

some very large starfish

This pool was amazing, there was a member of staff walking through it feeding the fish, it was fantastic to watch

The corals in here were so colourful, so beautiful, I could have quite happily just sat and watched it

Sharks swimming with these fish

I wasn't very successful with this photo, it was a tank with lots of Clown fish (like Nemo) swimming amongst the sea anemone, oh and starfish.

These were strange little critters, water eels popping out of the sand, very odd looking swaying about... I wasn't too keen.

A very big fish

There were quite a few penguins, they were the sweetest things to watch, marching about with their flippers out to balance themselves. In another part you could watch them as they swam about and dived for their food.

More sharks...

Even a shark outside.

We were in there for a good couple of hours and all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. As an added bonus, we can use our entry tickets as often as we want to for a year, I think we shall definitely be going again especially as they have 2 new turtles which we didn't really see much of this visit.

As an extra treat we thought we'd take a drive out the seaside, Hornsea. We had fish and chips for our supper.

Andrew and I ate ours in the car looking out to sea while Imogen and her little charge ate theirs outside before having a good runaround and collecting some pretty stones.

It was a lovely end to the Easter holidays. Imogen is making the most of the weekend before going back to school on Monday.

Take care


  1. Those daffodils are brilliant, it's amazing what's made with lego, very clever. It's years since we've been to The Deep, I love all those corals. We used to keep marine fish and it was the corals that fascinated me more than the actual fish, they're amazing, rather expensive too, I wouldn't like to think what those displays at The Deep are worth. They're wonderful to see though.

  2. It sure was a great end to the Easter holidays. Terrific that you can use your ticket over and over. Wish they would do that here!
    Fish n chips look delicious!

  3. What interesting daffodils! Looks like you all had a lovely day. Haven't been to an aquarium for years.
    Take care.

  4. The lego daffodils are amazing. The watering can is really cool too.
    The Deep looks like a great place to visit.
    I miss those Fish and Chips. Just not the same over here!! : )

  5. The lego daffodils were a delight and a very impressive watering can. Sounds like a great day out and a fish and chip supper is always good.

  6. I'm so happy your dad is enjoying the telescope. It was a kind idea.
    The Daffodils are wonderful. I'm not sure what Wordsworth would have made of them but they are a cheery site, and I love how they were given away when they were taken down. Lego is amazing stuff and it often surprises me what can be made from it.
    Your trip to The Deep looked very exciting. I must take Lily somewhere like that. X

  7. Dear Cheryl
    I saw the massive queue for the daffodils on the local news - it looks like they were a big success. What a nice way to end the holidays.
    Best wishes

  8. So pleased to read that your Dad has chirped up, that is good news.

    Those lego daffs are amazing.

    Your visit to The Deep looks and sounds a wonderful outing (something I'd enjoy) thanks for sharing your photo's.

    Enjoy the rest of Sunday and hope the new week is good too.

    All the best Jan

  9. There is nothing better than eating fish and chips by the seaside. What a beautiful place, The Deep is. I always love the vibrantly coloured world that swims below the water. Oh my, those Lego Daffodils are incredible. What an amazing display. How wonderful that your dad is feeling a little better. I have just read your previous post....thank goodness for modern medicine. Hope you have a lovely week, Cheryl.

  10. Those Lego daffs look amazing! Looks like you had a great day out and you just HAVE to have fish and chips when you're by the sea, it's the law, lol.
    Glad your dad is doing ok.
    have a great week

  11. Happy to hear that the telescope was a hit with your dad.
    The lego daffodils are fun - what great photos. Your fish and chips look delicious, too. The Deep is gorgeous.

  12. Good news the telescope boosted dads mood.
    Fish and chips looking out to sea ... sheer perfection.
    Your visit to the deep looks amazing.
    Super daffodils, lego is wonderful stuff, my granddaughter and I have such fun with our collection of if.

  13. Gosh those lego daffys are amazing. I just adore them. I think fish & chips taste SO wonderful when they are eaten by the seaside. We often travel an hour away to a seaside fishing town ... their fish & chips taste completely different. Have a super week Cheryl

  14. I absolutely love those daffodils. I bet they were a really stunning sight to see, a sea of yellow happiness.
    Your day out sounded just lovely. I can definitely see a few more visits in the future happening. And if they end in fish and chips on the beach then so much the better.
    Lisa x

  15. A host of golden daffodils. Perfect. Glad to hear your dad is improving.

  16. I'm glad your dad is doing better. Those lego daffodils are adorable!! Have a beautiful rest of your weekend. xo

    ~ Wendy

  17. Beautiful daffodills and such lovely photos.


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