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Thursday, 2 March 2017

White Hyacinths

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my little wee willie winkie hat and my friends grandson. He is putting on weight and the apple of his grandparents and parents eyes, just as he should be.

I bought this little trio of Hyacinth bulbs nearly 2 weeks ago now.

You can see the flowers closed and tight, protected by the waxy foliage

It was amazing to watch their progress each day, the flower at the back seems to be in a race with the other two. Individual flowers are opening and releasing their heady scent

The other two were only a couple of days behind. The scent is quite strong, but also very fresh. As soon as I open the door into the room, I'm surrounded by it.

The first Hyacinth to flower is taller than the other two, it's too top heavy now to support it's own weight so I've gently tied a piece of yarn around all three. It still bends over the other two, but still also smells wonderful.

I've been so taken with watching how quickly the flowers have changed everyday, I picked up a little pot with a few daffodils in it to sit on the mantelpiece

so now I'm on daff watch!

I'm sure the dogs are enjoying the new scents around them... though I think they prefer the smell of something meaty roasting or grilling in the oven, Gary's licking his lips just thinking about it...

Take care


  1. What lovely flowers. Just what we need this time of year!
    Your doggies are so cute!

  2. Such delicate blooms and your pups are the sweetest ever!

  3. The hyacinths are beautiful. Nice to see photos of them growing. Waiting to see those gorgeous yellow daffs. Can imagine the heady smell.

  4. Gorgeous Hyacinths. White are my favourite. They do brighten the house at this time of year. X

  5. Dear Cheryl
    I always think I am going to like the hyacinth scent, but usually find it becomes a bit too strong. They are lovely flowers though.
    Best wishes

  6. Your spring bulbs are so pretty...I love having them around my workroom at this time of year...and ooh, how sweet are your little dogs x
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  7. They are gorgeous my last ones have came indoors, I just love them as soon as you walk in the front door you can smell them, nice to see some doggie pics xx

  8. So pretty!
    That Gary is a cute little guy!

  9. The hyacinths are just beautiful but I can only enjoy them from a distance or in pictures as the smell makes me feel nauseous.
    The picture of Gary licking his nose made me smile....what a little cutie-x-

  10. I could just smush Gary's face, you're doggies are so cute. I love hyacinths but I haven't had any indoor bulbs at all this year and I've really missed them. Hyacinths are my favourites because of the scent, I wonder if I can still get hold of any.

  11. So nice to see the progress of the opening of the flowers. So Pretty.

  12. A lovely hyacinth, unfortunately I can't have them indoors as they give me a migraine.

  13. Beautiful hyacinths Cheryl, gorgeous coloured flowers. Wish the computer screen was scratch-n-sniff !!!

  14. Your flowers are so beautiful. Enjoy.

  15. I love the smell of the hyacinth, mine was really top heavy too, i think there are smaller ones that you can buy to keep indoors that wouldn't be so unruly, i'm sure i've seen that somewhere.

  16. The scent of hyacinths is so heady and gorgeous, isn't it? I often put mine on the hall table so I can smell then as I enter the house. This is the best time of year for flowers. x

  17. Your hyacinths are lovely. This is the first year that I didn't force any inside bulbs and I truly miss them. Mine never look as good as yours do. I think I must plant them too deep. Enjoy them!! They come and go so quickly!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  18. I love hyacinths as well, they have the nicest scent. I have pink ones in a pot, just bought.

  19. I love to look at hyacinths but I do find the scent a little overpowering.
    I bought a bunch of daffs last week when I was shopping and they had such a strong scent too, never known daffs to be so scented, even my husband commented on them!
    Lisa x

  20. I really like hyacinths, the scent is just gorgeous.
    Nice to be on 'daff watch' too!

    I passed our local Church earlier today and they have a wonderful wall with lots of cheerful looking daffodils beside it ... a wonderful sight.

    Enjoy the rest of your week

    All the best Jan

  21. I do like spring bulbs...I can almost smell the scent of the hyacinths.

  22. I love the smell of hyacinths, it can be strong but so much nicer to have in the house than artificial sprays and the like. I passed a bank full of crocus's yesterday on travels, spring is definitely on the way now - yay!

  23. I love hyacinths too...your pictures of them growing here are lovely. Such perfect blooms and gorgeous scent. Your little dogs are very cute! Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  24. Gary is so cute! Lovely bulbs. X

  25. I like hyacinths and its wonderful scent but we've discovered that they set off my husband's hay fever so we can't have them in the house. Enjoy yours and the new daffs! x


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