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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

It's a Boy!!! And some Worm Farming

Hello lovely people. Thank you to those who pointed out to me that I was looking at Camellias not Roses, I really had no clue! I shall endeavour to recognise them in future, though it may take a while. Perhaps while we're talking flowers and Roses in particular, I could ask for some advice from the green thumbed amongst you. I'd like to buy a climbing rose for the pergola arch in our garden, ideally scented too. Any advice would be very appreciated.

My big news for today as you probably realised in the title, is that our grandchild is going to be a boy! Adam and girlfriend went for their scan yesterday afternoon and surprised us with a visit afterwards and their exciting news. I can't believe my baby boy is having a baby boy, I couldn't be anymore thrilled.

We've been thinking about getting some worms to do our composting for a while. We decided at the end of last autumn that we'd get a worm farm, but wait until winter had passed. The weather seems much better and it is officially spring, so we bought one... with everything included.

It was so easy to set up, all we needed was some newspaper to line the bottom tray with. Andrew emptied the supplied coir after wetting it.

Then more pieces of newspaper were shredded and added to help it not get too wet

Two bags of tiger worms were supplied and added to their new home

I hope they're nice and comfortable there and we don't have too many escape artists on our hands. A little bit of kitchen waste was added to one corner to start things off.

Here it is all set up and in the garden. There are 4 trays so hopefully once things get going we'll always have some compost being made. There's a tap at the bottom to drain the compost every fortnight or so and apparently it should make amazing liquid feed for us to water down. The first tray of compost may be a few months away, I'm quite excited about it

I also think it looks rather nice, only small, no nasty niffs and a great way to dispose of our kitchen waste.

Take care


  1. Congratulations on your grandson - very exciting!
    It depends what colour rose you would like - there are masses available! I have a climbing rose 'New Dawn' which is very pretty white/cream/pink and scented. I have also heard that 'Penny Lane' is a good one, but haven't got that one. Having a look at a couple of websites might help - David Austin (of course) and 'Apuldram Roses', both mail order companies I have bought from and would recommend. Enjoy your search and I'm sure you'll find the perfect rose for you.
    Your wormery looks great.
    Best wishes

  2. Who would guess what was inside that little structure, good luck wit the wiggly fellas.
    Truly wonderful news about your son and his partner, so exciting.
    Lisa x

  3. Funnily enough I've had an urge for years to have a wormery. I look forward to seeing how you get on.

  4. Congrats on you new grandson!
    What a great looking worm composter. Good luck with it.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  5. Fantastic news, you can get knitting all those little blue outfits now. I think compost is a wonderful thing but I've never fancied a wormery, the stuff you drain off is magical stuff by all accounts though, you'll have to let us know how it does.

  6. Congratulations to you and your family x

  7. Congrats to all of you on the news of a baby boy! How exciting.

    I wish you the best with your worm composter too. That is something I have not tried. Keep us posted.

    Have a lovely day.

  8. Aw how exciting for you. A little boy will be so much fun. Good luck with the worms. :)
    xx Beca

  9. Oh how fabulous.....congratulations to you all.
    The worm farm does look very neat and tidy. That might be a good idea for us as we don't have any room for big compost bins. I shall mention it to Roz as she is the gardener-x-

  10. Congratulations on having a grandchild. I have 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. No blue or pink tho. All neutral colours!!
    Wormerys are great, no smell and they work. Rambling Rector is a delightful climbing rose, smells beautiful. I also recommend David Austin.

  11. How exciting, your baby boy is having a baby boy! Now you can imagine up oodles of baby boy pretties. Worm farms are such an excellent idea; they seem to do such magical earthy things. =)

  12. Congratulations! Are you going to start some crafting projects for the baby? Jx

  13. A baby boy! How wonderful. : )

  14. Congratulations!! Boys are such fun, aren't they? I have three sons and then we had a daughter. So much drama with the girls!! Ugghh!! Best of luck with your worm farm. What a fantastic idea!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  15. Congratulations! Now you know what colour to knit or crochet :-)
    I've never seen a worm farm, sounds like a good idea. I was doing some digging with my grandson Oliver last week and he was collecting all the worms when i asked him where he was putting them he said in that big pot so the birds don't eat them, lol.

  16. Great news for your family.
    Nice wormery.

  17. Hooray a baby boy! So exciting!

  18. What exciting news about your grandson. Congratulations to your son and partner, a little bit easier to plan when you know. Love the style of your wormery, I might have to show this to hubby, even he would think that would look good in his garden. x

  19. Wow that wormery looks really interesting. Congrats on the news of your grandson.

  20. Oh, so lovely to be welcoming a baby boy.
    You can start getting all things blue ready ...

    Good wishes to your son and his girlfriend, I hope her morning sickness may be improving.

    All the best Jan


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