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Friday, 24 February 2017

A Person's a Person, No Matter How Small

A friend I met when both our eldest children were small has just become a grandmother for the first time. Her beautiful daughter gave birth to a perfect little boy on the 7th of February (my birthday). He was a little over eager to come into the world as he wasn't due until late April, the wee mite was 11 weeks early and only 3lbs.

Thank goodness he is doing well, breathing on his own from the beginning, has now moved from the intensive care baby unit to the next one up! I've seen pictures and he is beautiful, such perfect skin, blonde hair and so tiny and sweet.

On the wall in the baby unit is a well know Dr. Seuss quote

What a lovely quote to have around so many tiny babies. It made me think about the Whos from Whoville and Thing 1 and 2 from Cat in the Hat... which made me think about wee willie winkie and his night cap.

So with some lovely soft baby blue yarn, I crocheted one up for the new little man.

With a lovely big pom pom on the end

It's been half term this week, so Imogen has had the week off school... well most of the week, the drama teacher had them in Monday and Tuesday for rehearsals and they're back again over the weekend, quite a hard taskmaster for a school play. I felt like we'd barely seen her, so Wednesday we popped to a garden centre for a wander around and a cavery for lunch.

It was a lovely dinner. Imogen and I had a small, but it was still very filling... did you see the enormous Yorkshire pudding!

Afterwards we walked it off with a look at all the goodies, many of them were Easter themed, chicks and bunnies everywhere!

I was quite taken with this giant stag, he had a giant price tag too!

I love tortoises and thought it was rather cute how he was arranged peeping through the bushes.

Treated myself to this cute vase, it'll look lovely on the kitchen windowsill with some pretty flowers in it.

These little airplanes really caught my eye, I loved the way they hung down in tiny terracotta pots. The picture is a little deceiving as there's no point of reference to see how small they are.

Half term seems to have passed in a flash, but most weeks do don't they. I have a chicken roasting in the oven and lots of roasted veggies so I suppose I should think about dishing it up to my hungry family.

Take care


  1. Oh Cheryl....that little hat bought tears to my is just so flippin' cute.
    Lovely to know that the little boy is doing well after such an early arrival....bless him.
    Roz and I are off to the garden centre in the morning looking for a garden arch but actually needing a break from all the shifting of stuff-x-

  2. Bless the dear little boy glad he is doing well, he will look so cute in his little hat. I love a trip to the garden centre it makes a lovely day out, there are so many lovely things in there these days, and the food looks really good, what a giant yorkshire, have a lovely weekend xx

  3. What a lovely day you and Imogen had. I haven't seen Yorkshire puddings that big since my MIL passed away. She made delicious ones!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Lovely hats! Wow that is one big Yorkshire pudding!

  5. Great hat - so sweet! I am really looking forward to can almost feel that it's just around the corner!
    Best wishes

  6. I just adore the little blue hat you have knitted up for the new wee man Cheryl - just gorgeous. Your new vase is rather lovely too. Have a wonderful weekend x x

  7. So pleased that the little boy is doing well, I just love what you have made him.

    Garden Centres are so good for a great day out. They have so much to see - and buy.

    Happy Weekend Wishes

    All the best Jan

  8. The tiny hat is sweet as can be. So happy baby is doing well.
    I love the vase you purchased! Those tiny little plants hanging are lovely. Wishing you and yours a happy weekend. xoxo

  9. That is a tiny baby and glad to hear he is doing well and the hat is lovely.

  10. Yes I can see why you like the stag he is a stunner, and the tortoise I have a small collection of them around the garden

  11. Such good news that your friends grandson was doing so well. Love the hat, what a joy. I love a walk around the garden centre they are always so inspirational.

  12. I'm so pleased the baby is doing well, it's amazing how they can be born so tiny and yet still thrive. The hat's so cute. Glad you had a nice day with Imogen.

  13. So happy that wee one is doing well. If they are breathing on their own that is so great, much less to worry about.

  14. Wow! That Yorkshire pudding looks delicious! Looks like a fun place to shop! And those hats are adorable. And most important of all, I'm so glad her baby is doing well.


  15. What a lovely gift you made for your friend's new grandson. I'm glad that he's doing well!! Your new vase looks like something I couldn't have passed up either!! Enjoy!! Have a wonderful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  16. Beautiful and thoughtful hat. I wish your friend's family well x

  17. Half term here has gone in a flash too. But the girls are not back to school till Tuesday so we still have one more day to enjoy.
    Love the Wee Willy Winky inspired hat. It will keep baby boy's little head warm and cozy.
    I hope Imogen has enjoyed the school break. Have a lovely Sunday! x

  18. I hope the little person continues thrive and do well. A nice hat you made for him.
    Our knitting group have knitted many little hats for our special care baby unit.

  19. Now that's what I call a yorkshire! I could eat them every day and never get bored.
    I hope your friend's little grandson is doing well.
    Lisa x


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