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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sewing in the Ends

Phew... why do I always do this? I have spent the last couple of evenings and this morning sewing and weaving in all the loose hanging pieces of yarn from the throw for the back of Andy's chair.

There were 8 big squares, made up of 9 small Granny Squares each. Each small square was either green, cream then green again, or the opposite, cream, green and cream again. So each small square had 6 threads, there were (72 small squares) meaning each large one had 54 threads to be threaded... so 8 larger squares meant there where 432 ends.. arghhhhh...  It did look very overwhelming for quite a while and I had a few piles like this.

Luckily nothing goes to waste and all the ends are stored in my 'ends' jar ready for when it's full and I can use it to make some gorgeous fabric.

My poor thumb was feeling quite sore, but it was worth it and just what Andy wanted - I love my husband :)

Take care


  1. Thanks love. I think your blog is brilliant, I love the way you write, it really catches the moment.

  2. Wow what a marathon, but as you say worth it in the end. The throw looks great.

  3. What a fabulous throw! All the tiny grannies do make for a lot of ends, but it's a great look.

  4. WOW! That is really cool! looks fab. I'm glad he is pleased with it. I love my husband too! xxxxx

  5. That's really effective just using those two colours, well done! Ada :)

  6. It looks fabulous, totally worth all the work involved. I tend to weave my ends is as I go as I'm always totally overwhelmed with it otherwise.

  7. you know I did that on my last large blanket and have learnt my lesson! its such a pain in the bum!
    I would be interested to see what you do with all your little scraps as I always think it is such a waste to bin them.

  8. Awww... I like to hear of true love ... And I have a son named Andy... he's simply divine as well!

  9. That is a lot of ends to sew in - well done you! I try to do mine as I go. I see now that the throw is green - I mistakenly thought it was black/grey before. It's really nice.

  10. Phew! That's a lot of ends Cheryl! I'm intrigued as to how you will make fabric for your ends?
    Victoria xx

    1. Didn't realise the tutorial isn't there anymore. Collect all your scraps of material, cotton, wool and when you have lots arrange them on some soluble paper. Sew back and forth over the paper with a sewing machine, melt the paper away and it leaves a new piece of fabric. x

  11. jeez! Cheryl......I really hate the ends....they are sooo tiresome....feel for you!

    Thats is an impressive throw the combination of colours really makes it stand out

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  12. That's great! Good idea to make felt with the bits. Why didn't I think of that? Mine went into the garden for the birds, but they didn't use much. xx

  13. Nothing makes a home more cosy than something made by hand. Sometimes it hurts but boy is it worth it. I really like the colours you've used. My Granny made me a Granny throw but it is EVERY colour of the rainbow edged in black...very traditional. She's gone now but I've got her throw to cuddle. : )X


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