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Monday, 1 October 2012

Pretty Things

I thought I'd show you some of my pretty finds today. I love a good wander around the charity shops, looking at the once loved pieces of china and bric a brac. I try to discipline myself and only allow myself to buy something if it makes my heart sing - otherwise we'd get overrun with bits and pieces and I'd be featuring in one of the hoarder programmes on TV! It's very hard sometimes when I'm holding something pretty to put it back and think, yes it's lovely, but I'm not going to buy it!

Here are some of my pretty, heart singing pieces. A beautiful plate found at a car boot and pretty, delicate cups and saucers.

This little dish is so pretty, I love the small flower design.

Pretty little jug, just right to fill with cream to pour over our Sunday afternoon deserts.

This glass dish needs to be filled with brightly coloured wrapped sweeties.

I haven't picked up any crochet since I finished Imogen's bobble blanket, but I have so many projects I want to do! I've made a start on a Granny Square throw to go over Andrew's chair in the conservatory. It's going to be quite narrow, just over the back and seat, not the sides. Here are the first few squares, still quite a few more to make yet.

Really enjoying making squares again, think I'll go and do some more now... anything rather than make a start on all those ends that need to be sewn in!

Take care


  1. I'm chuckling, I'm exactly the same when it comes to doing those ends. Your china finds are very pretty, I'm not surprised they made your heart sing.

  2. Hello Cheryl

    How goes the allotment and your new conservatory??? Enjoying them both? Is that a dark green or steel black colour you are using for your square....sorry haven't got my glasses...looks dark green to me. hey are going to look very effective.

    Love the china... don't know how you stand the temptation I often come home feeling guilty for buying a few pieces more and I really shouldn't have LOL! Is that little dish Aysnley China looks like it....delicate flowers!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. PS: ends are a drag!!!! Invent something somebody!!!

  4. With me it's vintage Pyrex and wallpaper, and of course the sheets.....then there's the wooden bobbins, buttons...suitcases......and now printers trays! My husband declared the other day we will all need to sleep in the shed soon, but that's full of furniture waiting to be painted! Oh dear! Love it though! Ada :)

  5. I love dishes, too, but I am really trying not to buy any more. I did recently get four red transferware plates though because I think they will be perfect at Christmas. Plus they were on sale at the antiques shop.

    I love crocheting squares! So easy and fun. You have quite a pile there already!

  6. You got some good finds there! The glass dish will be lovely filled with sweeties at christmas!

  7. That glass dish is very pretty - you're right, it is crying out to be filled with sweets. I love the black, grey and white tones in your granny sqaures. I make myself sew in the ends at the end of a square, otherwise it takes hours! x

    1. Oh dear, that could be the light, they're green and cream :)

  8. Your china is very sweet, just how I like it delicate and pretty
    Thea x

  9. Fab finds Cheryl! Loving your grey grannies, gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  10. Love the pretty things that you found at your boot sale and love your pretty granny squares. When I do granny squares, the middle bit always looks a bit lopsided. I have only been crocheting for 40 years now, you would think I would get better at it! :-)

  11. And hey, I am your follower #54!
    You may also have a party if you wish.

  12. Your most recent finds are lovely. Love the china ware.
    Anne xx

  13. Hello,
    It's good to find such treasure, I am running out of room here at home though!
    I loved the recipe for such a lovely comfort tea time meal, will give it a go....(previous post)
    Thanks for sharing.
    loVe Maria x

  14. I can just see an afternoon tea on those pretty 'new' dishes. I have a terrible weakness for kitchenware and baskets. And WOODEN Spoons... don't ask why! We all have our addictions but I think ours are pretty harmless and in your case, very charming! X

  15. You have found so many lovely treasures Cheryl. Oh, I love everything with little flowers on it, it is hard for me to resist then. Your little grannies are beautiful!
    Have a great day! xxBarbina

  16. Lots of goodies to be found! I would be hopeless, and bring everything home with me :) Love your little granny squares...there's nothing comfier than a home made blanket!

  17. Oh so many lovely dishes I would be struggling to say no too :))


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