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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Rainy Day Reads

It's the afternoon , but I'm having to peer to see my keyboard as it's so dark in here. The sky is very dark and it's absolutely pouring down... sigh.

Luckily we did the outside jobs this morning when there was some blue up there! Cleaned out the chickens (smelly job mainly done by Andy, Imogen helped me throw in lots of nice, clean and dry straw), planted a couple of Azaleas outside the front of the house and sorted out rubbish for the tip. That means we can settle down now, warm and cosy indoors and read our new magazines.

The wonderful Mollie Makes for me (with The Princess and the Pea on the front cover, one of my favourite stories from when I was young) and  Girl magazine for Imogen with some freebie rings :)  Andy has a magazine subscription to Knowledge. It only comes every couple of months and he really looks forward to it (there's so much in it about so many different things), it arrived this morning so I've been hearing all sorts of snippets that he keeps reading out, from wearing bands on hats to keep horseflies away to spiders protecting us to a massive tropical style island that's been built within an abandoned airship hangar!

Yesterday we popped out for a bit of shop mooching, and I found this lovely glass cake stand.

It just looks a bit lonely, needs something delicious on top of it, like some fondant fancies or some yummy home made scones!

Oh, and a quick update on the wee kitties. 2 out of the 4 are eating well now One of them is the one Imogen is hoping to keep (the one with the most white on it).

She is the most adventurous and friendly, and very cute!

Take care


  1. Love Mollie Makes, what a fabulous way to spend the afternoon! Loving your cake stand - I have one that's looks just like it!
    Victoria xx

  2. I love mollie makes. Your cake stand is beautiful. It needs a lovely Victoria sponge on it!

    Such cute kitty Kats :-)

  3. Thanks for your comment on mine!
    Love the glass cake stand you found - will look lovely when its occupied!
    Cute little kitties - you forgot how tiny they are (our cat now 5)
    Wish this wet weather would go away, but atleast there is the excuse now to read during the day!

  4. what cute little kitties!
    sounds like you had a lovely cosy afternoon
    have a great week
    love jooles x

  5. there is a nice surprise waiting for you at my blog

  6. I love the cake stand, I say fill it to overflowing with fondants....lots of lemon ones!!!!
    Cute kitties, so sweet
    Karen x

  7. Sweet little kittens, they are adorable. :)


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