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Thursday, 7 June 2012

An Afternoon in Whitby

It's the half term holiday, bank holidays have finished so Adam is back at work, but Andy and Imogen are free until Monday! Imogen's off being a social butterfly, so Andy whisked me off to Whitby for the afternoon.

My pretty little princess
It was very dreary when we left home, but temperatures weren't too bad when we set off... it got colder and colder as the wind took hold.

It was very chilly for walking about, I was covered with a fleece blanket and ended up with poor Andy giving me his jacket too (he claimed it was hot work pushing me around... I think he's just too good to me). We saw some lovely street performers

and popped in a couple of shops, mainly window shopping as the cobbles were horrendous to navigate and most shops had steps :(

The scenery was lovely though

The Abbey ruins are in the distant background

There are caves in the cliffs that were used for smuggling

Lots of pots for catching crabs and lobsters

There were lots of children (and some adults) hanging over the edges with cord, bait (mainly bags of bacon bits) and buckets, all catching crabs!

I thought he was very brave to hold it up!
We set off home over the North Yorkshire Moors. It was getting harder and harder to see in front of us as we started to go through cloud! I tried to catch a photo as we whizzed through...

The rain soon hit us and it carried on steadily throughout the evening. Oh well, the garden's nice and green :)

Take care


  1. Whitby looks lovely despite the awful weather! It's still wet and windy here down south too!
    Victoria xx

    1. It is a lovely little place, very quaint x

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Typical british weather! Love katie xxxx

  3. Thank you, I hear there are weather warnings in places today!

  4. I remember visiting Whitby about 15 years ago and having to climb all those steps! Lovely place to visit though and looks like you had a nice day out. Sometimes it's just good to get out and see somewhere different and get a bit a sea air too! The weather's rubbIsh everywhere at the moment it seems. Maggie xx

  5. I love Whitby its so beautiful & there is lots to see and do. I bet it was freezing though.
    A bit of sea air is always good though.
    The weather has just been so miserable of late!


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