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Friday, 1 June 2012

Growing up

I don't think I've introduced our wee kitties. They were born in someone's shed, but they didn't want them. The RSPCA have kitties up to the rafters and don't really have room for them, so soft touch here said we could look after them as we've looked after kitties before. The mother cat goes in and out of several houses in the area, she isn't feral, but no one is taking responsibility for her.

There are 4 of them, one is black with a tiny white patch underneath, the other 3 are black with various amounts of white on them. We think they're about 4 weeks old now, eyes wide open and walking about. Imogen thinks they're wonderful of course! This is her favourite

Not a very good picture! She's called it Jessica, the only one out of the 4 that she's named, there is another we've named, Hiss... yes, it keeps hissing at us, poor scared thing :(

These photos aren't much better, but you can see how small and sweet they are... excuse my husband's holey socks... oh the shame!!

As well as playing with the kittens, I've started a new project. As I'm getting older, my eyesight seems to be deteriorating much quicker than I'd like. I'm already very short sighted, but have now reached the stage where I have to hold things further and further away to see them, or, if I want to see detail close up, I have to push my glasses down my nose and peer over the top of them! Therefore, I don't do much cross stitch, and only when I have natural daylight.

It's a picture to pop in the front porch. Can you guess what it is yet?

Maybe not just yet!

Take care


  1. Adorable little kittens! Well done you for taking them in. What is it with husbands and holey socks? I caught my husband wearing socks with practically no heel the other day...

    1. They are so sweet! Oh tell me about it, I despair of my husband and his socks.. lol! x

  2. Oh the kittens are gorgeous! More photos please....Maggie xx

    1. More photos, hopefully better ones, coming up :) x


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