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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pretty Things

Here are some pretty cupcakes to go on the pretty cake stand I found the other week. Imogen piped our initials on some of them with delicious chocolate buttercream...

even the wrappers are pretty!

Yesterday we made the most of the last drop of sunshine with a lovely walk around the park, I love our local park so much, it has everything and it makes me smile just to be there.

Imogen looking pretty with the daisies

about to do a handstand

Well today is the first day of summer and it has poured with rain all day. Oh well, the grass looks nice and green, and hopefully it won't last too long. Andy's told me about someone who's been predicting the weather all year very similar to 1976... the year of the sun!! If he is right, the change should start next week... who knows!

Meanwhile, kitties are wrecking the house!!

Doing some crochet maybe!

Take care


  1. Cupcakes look scrummy! Ooh and such sweet kitties!
    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you, we had great fun making them :)

  2. Definitely pretty things - especially Imogen in the daisies. 1976, now that was a really hot summer!

  3. I remember it, the man doing the predictions is in Kippax near Leeds, so far it's been right!

  4. The cupcakes look good! Is that an emu? In your local park? I want one. For a pet. I think it'd be fun!

    Cindy Bee

    1. Lol, emus, wallabies, llamas, it's a lovely park

  5. Hi Cheryl! Oh, the kitties are so pretty! Rascals, aren't they?
    Your park looks like a lovely place!
    I hope the sun comes your way soon!

  6. Hello Cheryl,
    Grr! yes I am groaning all those yummy cupcakes....trying to keep focused on the cake stand which is very nice but my greedy eyes keep going back to those cup cakes!!!
    Lovely pic of girl among daisies (sounds like a Van Gogh masterpiece LOL)
    Oh! those Kitties....they look very very mischievous...poor you!
    Thanks for your comments on my last post. I agree the costume is wonderful but heavy and very had to be peeled off at midnight when she finally got home and a little rosy pink girl was found inside it who went straight into a shower and bed.

    Amanda :-)

  7. I love your cake stand and the cupcakes look gorgeous! Seeing these lovely pictures has made my tummy rumble! xxx

  8. Mmm those cakes are making me hungry! They look delicious :) Looks like you had a lovely day in the park. I never could do handstands even when I was younger! I haven't got the handstand gene! Those kittens are soooo sweet :) Maggie xx


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