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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Morning Deliveries

Thank you for all your bread storing ideas and comments, it appears we are all having a similar predicament with the bread being left on top of the container. We've decided to start storing our wraps in the freezer, so let's see how that goes!

Our postman has been busy this morning. First delivery was a special something for me from hubby after a few heavy hints.

Surfing through social media I found some references and pictures of the newly released yarns from Stylecraft and some other limited edition colours. It didn't take much to tempt me...

 It was hubby's suggestion to get a few more bits to get the free postage, honestly!

 I have some patterns I looking forward to trying out, but I'm hampered in my search for a good skin tone yarn. I really wanted some double knit cotton, but it's so difficult when ordering online without the benefit of natural light. These are the ones that looked best on the computer screen.

The 2 cotton dk that I ordered are a bit too peach and too tan, the Sugar n Cream is the best I've seen, but I didn't read it properly and it's cotton, but arran weight, sigh. The dk Bonus is actually called flesh tone and isn't bad at all. It means though that I'm still looking for a double knit cotton in flesh tone, the search continues. Any suggestions welcomed.

A couple of new hooks in my most used size, 4. A knit pro with a soft handle

After the frustration and eye strain I've recently had from crocheting a spider and a witches hat for Halloween in black wool, I thought I'd have a try with a light up hook. I've heard good and bad about these hooks, so just trying the one size to see how it goes.

 The other delivery was a treat for me and hubby. I tend to drink tea far more than coffee, but I do like a coffee too. We recently tried a couple of flavours and enjoyed them, so thought we'd treat ourselves to a variety of the Beanies flavoured coffees.

It arrived in a lovely presentation box and a freebie bag too!

We chose the flavours ourselves from a choice on the website, taking it in turns so we both knew we'd have flavours we wanted to try.

So far we've had the Winter Warmer (hubby really enjoyed it, especially the warming rum flavour), Nutty Hazelnut (my favourite so far) and Mint chocolate. I think I may buy one of these for our coffee loving son for Christmas.

Take care


  1. I just love getting parcels in the post, especially those containing yarn. If I didn't have so many projects waiting in the wings I might have been tempted by those new Stylecraft colours but no, I must resist. That would be a great Christmas present for any coffee lover. I'm not a fan of hot drinks myself, but I know someone who is.

  2. I've just ordered the special pack and the new colours from Stylecraft...looking forward to seeing what you create with yours :) x

  3. Ooooooooooo I now have new wool envy!

  4. The yarn looks wonderful, looking forward to seeing what you do with it. The coffee would certainly make a great gift, I must look on their website.

  5. Gosh I wish my husband was like yours - extra bits for free postage that's fab! Like Jo I've resisted the new colours, not sure how long for though! Coffee looks good too xx

  6. Hello Cheryl - how lovely it is to receive parcels, isn't it?! One of my favourite things! I haven't found many good skin tone cottons at all - they always seems so hard to come across, but I will keep an eye out on my travels.
    The coffee looks divine! Very tempting, but it's tea for me, I'm afraid!
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. Lovely parcels of treatiness.
    Those coffees would make great gifts.
    Lisa x

  8. Sooooo glad to see that I am not the only one who got more than one of the limited edition packs! They are great colours aren't they! xx

  9. I now have a serious case of yarn envy, I can feel my fingers tingling.

  10. Wow I really want the wool now, and the coffee hmmm I feel a order coming on!x

  11. Lovely to get presents in the mail. And such wonderful ones too!

  12. Oo, two lovely packages there! It is so nice to receive a package through the post isn't it, even when you are expecting them. It is tricky buying yarn off the internet, you can never be sure of their true colour until they arrive. Enjoy your coffee!
    Caz xx

  13. Oh all that yarn. : ) Some great colors there.

  14. Not much beats yarn in the post, it's my favourite kind of parcel.

  15. Those flavoured coffees look good. They'd make a great Christmas present for a coffee lover. Your yarn looks really lovely and I have to admit that I always try to order enough to get the free postage. It's so hard to tell the exact colour from a computer screen. I have to order most of my yarn online too so I'm afraid I can't help you with what is the best skin tone yarn.


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