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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween and a RAK

I've been planning to do this post all week, but it's half term and I've been trying to keep away from the laptop as hubby and I have had a week together. I've been successful and we've had a lovely week, but as I wanted to show you my Halloween mantlepiece I thought I should get my act together today!

Firstly, I want to tell you about the wonderful RAK I received from Jo at Through The Keyhole. I'm not sure where it originated, but it's a lovely RAK (random act of kindness) that is winging it's way through blog world. I'd sent Jo my address a while ago and had forgotten about it. When I sent my address I forgot to send my surname, so I wondered who'd sent me a parcel that was only addressed by my first name.

So many goodies

I've lived in Yorkshire since my late teens, but hadn't seen these Yorkshire crisps before, yum.

So gorgeous wool from Stylecraft in lovely complimenting shades ready for a spot of crochet.

Some very tasty looking cookies, just right to curl up with this afternoon when I watch 'Whiskey Galore' with a hot drink.

Speaking of hot drinks, look at all these lovely flavours hot chocolate.

I always have a book on the go, so shall look forward to reading this when I've finished my current one.

And how kind, Jo didn't forget our 3 dogs and 2 cats, treats for them too.

I want to continue the RAK, so if you'd like to have your name popped in the hat, just leave a comment to let me know after this post. I'll leave it open for about a week, though I won't be sending out the goodies until after Christmas by which time you will hopefully have forgotten all about it and it'll be a lovely surprise.

So here is my mantlepiece, not the best light as it's late afternoon. Lots of candles, spooky globes crochet pumpkins and a spider.

I changed it at the beginning of the month as I love the Halloween globes and wanted them on display for as long as possible, even if it's just 1 month a year. My favourite in the bird and the books, which imagine is Edgar Allan Poe's Raven. The dancing skeletons have a key underneath to turn, it plays music while they dance.

A couple of small pumpkins I crocheted to sit with all the candles, I do love candles in an evening when the nights draw in.

My little Chihuahuas sit on the hearth (they are so much better behaved than my 3 furry ones), 1 is trying to get in the Halloween spirit...

 Don't forget about the RAK

Take care


  1. Hello Cheryl - what a lovely RAK you received! I hope you enjoyed your afternoon with all your lovely treats and a good film - I love the old films too. Your Hallowe'en display is gorgeous - and those crochet pumpkins are wonderful.
    Have a happy - and not too spooky! - Hallowe'en!

  2. Love your Halloween Globes! Glad you and hubby had a week together.
    Take care.

  3. Gosh, those chihuahuas are very realistic. The one on the left is identical to my little Mia.Well done on keeping away from technology. I hope you enjoyed half term.

  4. Love the RAK idea it's lovely receiving surprise gifts :) and I love those Halloween globes too...have a great weekend x

  5. How exciting to get such things in the post, a lovely gesture indeed!!

  6. Your mantelpiece looks lovely. Our fire is set back in to the wall and we no longer have a mantel but I do miss having somewhere to show off my odds and ends. The chihuahuas look so lifelike, I thought they were real until I read they weren't. Glad you liked the bits and bobs I sent you, I think the RAK idea is really lovely so I look forward to seeing who it's passed on to next.

  7. How lovely is that RAK parcel?! What a lovely idea.

  8. Hello Cheryl!
    You got all kinds of wonderful goodies :-)
    Love those well behaved little chihuahua's too!
    I've just returned to blogging and have totally changed my name and all... come see me :-)))

  9. What a great parcel to receive.

  10. Nothing nicer than a surprise package in the mail and this is a VERY nice one.

  11. What a wonderful parcel of goodies you received from Jo, those biscuits look delicious and with the hot chocolate you've got plenty of sweet treats to keep you going.
    I love your pumpkins, they are very sweet.
    Lisa x

  12. You have some lovely surprises there, nice that no one was
    forgotten. lol Your mantle looks lovely. I'd love to get my hands on
    that yarn too. lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  13. Wonderful surprise -- such a lot of treats there.

  14. Gorgeous parcel of treats!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  15. What a lovely parcel to receive, such a nice surprise. I like your Halloween globes, I haven't seen anything like that before. It does feel cosy to light candles doesn't it?
    Caz xx

  16. Hi Cheryl, what a wonderfully packed parcel, and a lovely surprise when you weren't expecting it!

    I have seen that we have been paired up for the Christmas Card swap by the lovely Amy at Love Made My Home. Can you email me your address and I'll do the same so that I can send this on please?

    Take care. xx


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