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Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Dressing Table

Here's a little corner of my house. I thought I'd show you my little corner in our bedroom, I say little corner, but really I think my bits and bobs end up all over the place. I'm afraid I do like 'my stuff' and I can also be a bit of a clutter bug, no minimalist clear surfaces in this house!

The trouble with having lots of bit and pieces is that it means there's more to clean, more to dust and wipe over. So as I put everything back after a good wipe down, I took some photos.

My little musical box, it plays 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'

Handy for my hair slides and grips.

Simple and pretty, makes me smile when it plays.

I only bought this last year and I love it. It means I can see all my ear rings at once. A gentle spin and it's easy to choose which pair I want. You can see my little Chihuahua ear rings that my husband bought me last Christmas, they look just like our little Gary.

It means I don't keep just wearing the same few over and over, and looks pretty too.

My radio with it's handy docking station for my iPod.

A cute little Dachshund to look after my rings

He looks a bit laden down, I tend to wear chunky jewellery when I wear it.

I use this to store my tubes and bottles in, foundations, BB creams, mascaras.

It's a pretty and functional item, looks much nicer than seeing my half used bottles and potions laying around.

Another ring holder, I've had this one quite a while, it came from a charity shop originally.

Oh dear, more things going back on the dressing table. Everything has it's own use though

It isn't a big space, but I have everything to hand and everything on it gives me cause to smile.

A drawer for more creams and lotions.

This little cutie pie sits (or crawls) on the shelf above the dressing table, don't you just love that little kiss curl!

The cross stitch picture behind is one I did nearly 20 years ago.

This is the top if a narrow chest of drawers next to my dressing table

My storage for nail varnish and other paraphernalia that goes with them. It's a cake stand I found in Laura Ashley and is such a practical way to keep nail polish.

Especially when you have quite a few! I used to keep them in a box, but I think this looks so much nicer.

So there you go,a little glimpse into my bedroom and my dressing table corner. As a self confessed clutter bug, I'm sure you can imagine there's much more in our bedroom. It's had a good tidy this afternoon and I now need to get the hoover out, perhaps I can show you another corner of the house another time. I love to have a nosey round other people's homes, I'm always looking for new ideas, inspiration for storage too and I hope you enjoyed your peep into ours.

Take care


  1. Such beautiful things! Dachshund is adorable! I have quite a few things too, which makes dusting more difficult, would I wouldn't give any of them up. Each thing has its own special meaning. :)

  2. Lovely pretty things..."me" things don't count as clutter in my house..ha ha..
    Love that lovely ..Maria xx

  3. Hello Cheryl - what a lovely tour around the little corner in your bedroom. Isn't it so lovely to have a place to put all your pretty bits and pieces - and so what if they gather a bit of dust!!
    You have some wonderful storage ideas, and everything is just so beautifully laid out - a real pleasure to see your lovely photos.
    Take care and have a smashing weekend.

  4. I love the earring holder, and your cute chihuahua earrings. You have a place for everything and everything has its place, very nice.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I am sorting out my bedroom and you have given me a few storage ideas.

  6. I love all your different storage boxes. Very pretty!

  7. Your jewellery is so organised im jealous, mine is all over the house. I love your spinny earing organiser I need one for sure!!

  8. I always enjoy seeing other people's "personal" things. I have a dog for my rings too! Mine is a scottie but he's the same otherwise. I keep him on the windowsill over my kitchen sink.

  9. I loved seeing this little bit of you. Very fun.

  10. A pleasure to have a poke around and see your bits and pieces. Love the stand you use for nail varnish, a really great idea.

  11. Such lovely ideas for keeping your things in. I love the nail polish holder and so nice to be able to see all your earrings at once. I could use something like that. I also love the little music box. I have a small collection of music boxes.

  12. I love the varnishes on the cake stand, and the pot holding all the make up. Such a simple idea, but what a difference.

  13. That Laura Ashley spinner is great. You can actually SEE the colors you have.

    I enjoyed the little peek into your room.

  14. Hello. I'm Pat and I discovered your lovely blog via my bloglovin stats. The earring tree staff bright back so many memories add my dear Mom had very similar. I love the idea of using the cake stand for polish. I'm going to follow your blog. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  15. A very pretty way of storing nail varnish.
    Lisa x

  16. It all looks very tidy and pretty. I hate dusting my dressing table, like you, far too many things to move. Thank you for sharing!
    Caz xx

  17. It looks very neat. I have a little jewellery box similar to yours - from when I was a child. I love it and when I'm feeling a bit sad (which isn't very often) I like to wind it up and play the music. I'm impressed with the way you've stored your bottles and tubes. Must give that a try.

  18. What a lovely corner for all your things. I love musical boxes.

  19. Goodness, how organised you are! I don't have more than two or three of any beauty product or makeup item and they still manage to always be all muddled together.

  20. You have an extremely tidy and organised corner! I like the earrings stand - practical and pretty too! x

  21. Beautifully organised! And I love the idea for storing nail polish bottles especially!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  22. Hi Cheryl, I really love the nail polish cake stand, so pretty - all mine are just in a box.

    I couldn't find anywhere on your blog to email you, apologies if I've missed it, but you and I are swap partners for Jo's 12 Days of Christmas swap. I think my email address is on my blogger profile if you want to drop me a quick email so that we can exchange addresses. And then we can start buying pressies! Speak soon x


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