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Monday, 16 March 2015

One Spoilt Mummy

I'm not complaining, nothing makes me happier than when the 4 of us are together, my wonderful husband, very grown up son and sweet little daughter, I feel like the luckiest person in the world, it gives me such a flood of warm contentment that I once didn't know was possible.

I was a single parent with my beautiful boy for a long time before I met Andrew. Adam was, and still is a joy and my anchor to the world. I'm so proud of the man he has grown into and look at him with wonder, I can't believe he is my very own son, that tiny baby who made my life mean something.

Then, not only did I find my soulmate, but we had our beautiful girl, our Imogen. I love to squeeze her and tell her how she's my dream come true. I would have loved to have had more children, but for various reasons it wasn't to be and I think it's more that fair to say my cup overruns...

Adam works long hours and isn't usually home before 7 in an evening and then has his girlfriend and his own commitments. He does come and see us every week though and spends as much time with his little sister as he can, and she in turn absolutely adores him.

Days like yesterday are so precious, we all went out together to Sigglesthorne (great name) to the garden centre and had a lovely lunch together to celebrate Mother's Day. I was spoilt with bunches of flowers

And how cute and thoughtful are these ear rings...

They also each bought me a very cute fairy house. I'm very excited about these and will do a post when they're set up ready for the fairies to move in.

I hope all you mums out there had a lovely day too.

Take care


  1. Hey Cheryl,
    What a super post, and those earrings are great! Being a Mum is pretty cool I have to say. It sounds as if your day was perfect. Good for you!
    Leanne xx

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely day with your wonderful family. Your flowers are beautiful and I love those earrings. I would have liked more children too but couldn't after undergoing chemotherapy but I'm very thankful for the ones I've got.

    1. Yes that's definitely the way to look at it, I'm very thankful what I have x

  3. Oh, that is such a lovely post to read and how nice to have lunch all together. Glad to hear you had a great Mother's Day. I can't wait to see the fairy houses.
    Caz xx

    1. Just waiting for the rain to stop so I can make my fairy village x

  4. the love in your post spills over. Love those ear rings so cute.

  5. It certainly sounds like you had the most wonderful day. Yes family is everything and yours sounds very, very special.
    Anne xx

  6. What a lovely post, Cheryl. You have a wonderful family. I know just what you mean about children giving your life meaning. Mine did that for me as well. I would also have liked to have more but it wasn't to be for me either. I think that makes us appreciate them even more. Happy belated Mother's Day to you.

  7. It sounds like you had a great day. Jx


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