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Monday, 23 March 2015

Fancy Eggs and New Taps!

I bought some polystyrene eggs a couple of weeks ago so I could hang them on my little tree. So over the weekend, lovely daughter and I pulled our tables out and I glued and snipped papers while Imogen spent time painting.

It was more time consuming than I realised and I think I lost an easy couple of hours just cutting little squares and gluing them while a chicken was roasting in the oven. I used a couple of lumps of Plasticine with dressmaker pins to mount my eggs while I glued them. Obviously I still managed to be covered with a second skin of glue by the time I finished!

I just need to put little cotton or ribbon loops on top of them so they can hang from the branches, but I still have quite a few eggs to play with yet and I really fancy felting a few of the tiny ones. I persuaded my beautiful model to sit with the eggs while I photographed them, though she had a slight problem balancing them, but we managed between us.

I like that the eggs are white, the decoupage papers look so much nicer stuck on a white background, it shows the colours in the papers off much nicer than when darker colours are underneath them.

It feels like it's been an expensive week and not because we spent money on anything frivolous! I noticed a puddle in the kitchen in front of the sink (by noticed, I mean stood in) when I was preparing some potatoes. I suppose it was lucky that I was there and noticed so it wasn't left over night. Apparently a pipe had rusted through with wear and tear from some badly done plumbing when we had our new kitchen fiasco a few years ago. We called a plumber with no call out fee who proceeded to charge rather a lot of money to turn a screw to isolate the water supply so we could still have water in other parts of the house. He suggested we buy some new taps and he'd fit them the following afternoon. Luckily hubby is rather handy and fitted them himself saving us from laying out more money... he just watched a You Tube video... what can't you learn from You Tube!

I did a bit of charity shopping during the week too. We were actually looking for a dressing table, but no luck this week. I know in my head what I'd like, space in the middle to put my legs and drawers on either side. I need to be able to tuck my legs in so I can lean forward towards my mirror because when I take my glasses off I need to be very close to apply my make up to my myopic eyes! It's one of those things, we may stumble across one next week, or it may take us months, but I'd rather wait until I know it's 'the one'.

I didn't leave the charity shop empty handed (that would just be rude wouldn't it?), hubby bought a couple of LPs and I found a variety of books to work my way through.

It seems like a good selection, and at 25p or 50p a book, I really don't mind if I don't like them and they'll all end up back on the charity shop's shelves again when I've read them.

The one I'm most looking forward to reading is 'The Last Concubine', it sounds really interesting. I'll let you know how it goes.

Take care


  1. I love Jeffrey Deaver's books. I think you will be happy with it. Sorry about the leak but you have a lovely new faucet. Have a great week.

    1. I've tried him before and enjoyed it, hope your week's good too x

  2. I have the identical taps. They still look like new and they've been in the kitchen for 3 years now, so they were a good choice.
    Your eggs are really pretty.

  3. Love the beautiful eggs, I am looking for a chest of drawers but no luck as yet.

    1. Thank you, it's worth waiting isn't it to find the one! x

  4. The eggs are lovely....I'm sure they were fiddley to cover. I do like a bit of charity shop shopping myself!

  5. Lovely eggs! Glad that you got the tap sorted! xx

  6. Love those pretty eggs! Glad you got the leak sorted ok.
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  7. I bought a book a couple of weeks ago at a charity shop -- what a great deal, hardcover for only about $3. The eggs look so springlike and happy.

  8. Your eggs are fabulous, really lovely. Glad your hubby managed to sort out the taps, plumbers are such an expense so it saves lots of money if you can do the job yourself. I love the Nightingale books, have you read any others? The Sisters book is the second in the series but it can be read as a standalone book. I'm waiting for the fifth one to be released.

  9. I love your pretty eggs! :)
    Thank you so much Cheryl for your lovely comment over at mine!
    V x

  10. Oo, your eggs look great, and what a lovely craft to do. A good selection of books too, and such a bargain - enjoy your reading
    Caz xx

  11. The eggs are very pretty! Well done.

  12. Adorable eggs! My daughter and I are always looking for little crafty projects like that. Perhaps this weekend..... We have that same tap! We put it in our kitchen in the autumn. I love how it is fancy yet fits in with my country decor as well.


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