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Friday, 20 March 2015

Healthy Living

We're trying to eat better and lose some weight, especially me as it will help with my health problems. The idea is to still try and eat the foods we like, but with a healthier slant on them, so I've chosen to join a slimming club - Slimming World for inspiration and support.

They've recently started selling their own range of food. One of the things I like is that they don't advertise and it's very much about making sure you feel 'full' not about counting calories.

We've just tried their range of meatballs. I was a little wary as I've tried a couple of things from another slimming range and not enjoyed it at all. I have to say though, I think the Slimming World meatballs are probably among the nicest meatballs I've ever tasted!

I browned them in a pan first of all, then added lots of chopped onions.

Then I added a couple of tins of chopped tomatoes. We always make our own sauces, I think they taste far better and work out much cheaper and better for you all round.

I also chopped up some mushrooms and added garlic, basil and pepper (I add pepper to most things now, since I found out how good it is for you) to taste.

Bit of steam on the camera lens here

Let it simmer so the sauce can thicken and all the yummy flavours can diffuse through it. Then just to be a bit decadent (and to get my day's calcium allowance) I added some slices of a low fat mozzarella cheese to the pan.

I served it on top of pasta and with a nice big salad. There wasn't anything on my plate (except for the mozzarella) that I couldn't have had more of...

Not that any of us wanted to as it was a very satisfying meal. It certainly didn't feel as though it was from a slimming plan, it felt more like comfort food.

I promise not to be a bore with my healthier eating and slimming club, but will share some of the good recipes I come across.

Take care


  1. that does indeed sound and looks good.

  2. Hey Cheryl,
    I have followed SW since September, and lost a stone and a half. I'm really pleased with that. I can't attend classes anymore, because I no volunteer at Olly's school. But it has helped me to change some of my bad food habits, and eat more mindfully. And I feel so much better inside and out.
    Happy slimming!
    Leanne xx

    1. That's great to hear Leanne, trying to be more mindful here too x

  3. That does look like a lovely meal.
    Anne xx

  4. That's a clever recipe - it's great to have a full plate and still be on a diet. Jx

  5. It looks very yummy to me. Best of luck on your new plan.

  6. That looks delicious. I'm trying to eat healthily too, though I haven't joined a class. I'm a snacker so I find that cutting out eating between meals helps me to lose weight, as does portion control.

    1. Looks delicious, good luck with loosing weight. ....I could do with loosing a couple of stones myself but it is very hard!

  7. Good luck with the new plan, it looks both yummy and sensible. Feeling well is the key to everything.


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