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Monday, 3 September 2018

End of the Holidays

We're ready to start getting back to the normal routine. We have Zack tomorrow and Imogen starts 6th form college on Wednesday. It's been a wonderful summer, but I'm definitely ready for autumn to start creeping in and for a bit more routine (it completely flew out the window during the summer).

One of the days we had Zack and big sister Izzy (she's only 9), we took deep breaths and took them to a local soft play place. I have to admit, these are not my favourite places to go, I find the noise quite deafening and they always seem to feel a bit claustrophobic despite them often being in enormous rooms, but I was a good nanny and off we went (OK I did take my book with me too as Imogen was supervising Zack and Izzy). Zack loved the ball pool and climbing on and off Thomas here.

We stayed for a couple of hours (ok, may have been an hour and a half), then left as Zack was falling asleep on his feet. Izzy was very keen to do some crafting with me, she really is the most creative little girl and loves making things. We cut out some birds from some felt she chose and Izzy sewed a couple of the wings on. It's been put to the side for when she has some time here again and I think we're going to fill them with lavender for Izzy and her mum's wardrobes., but it's a secret so can only be done when mum's not around.

Have to show you these cute little photos of Zack.My son sent them to me as he was trying the dungarees on Zack, but they were unfortunately too small. They were Imogen's, they're reversible and the other side is covered in brightly coloured cats. Imogen wore them when she was over 2, she was always very tiny, but at just 12 months they don't fit Zack... he's a big boy! I love his face in the second picture!

I've also spent some time sewing and made a dress for my Luna Lapin.

The instructions were very good, I've never made anything like this before and had to reread it a few times and unpick the collar a couple of times before I got it right with the binding, but it added to the sense of achievement when I finished it.

Imogen's had a busy summer with her NCS (national citizen service), a week in the peak district, a week staying on a university campus and a week working hard to raise funds for the RSPCA. She also had her GCSE results and enrolled in college. As a reward for doing so well and because we felt we hadn't seen much of her we took Imogen to Meadowhall where she was treated to some new clothes, we had tea out and went to see a film (I couldn't remember the last time we went to the pictures). We had a lovely time, really enjoying each other's company.

Some good news for my parents too, my dad finally received a date for his heart operation. He had a few tests to go through and goes into hospital later this week for the surgery. So pleased it's going to be done (a new heart valve), but also very worried for them both.

Take care


  1. I know what you mean when you say about being ready for the more scheduled days of Autumn. Even if it's the grands that are going back to school tomorrow I still feel that special feeling one gets. I'm ready to clean out closets and corners... we'll see how long my enthusiasm lasts.
    Zack's facial expressions are priceless. He's quite the character.
    You did a great job of Luna's little dress. Soon she'll have a smart wardrobe sewn just for her.
    Have a great week!!

  2. Fun things, for the end of summer.

    Good news, about your father's operation!!!!! Finally! Best wishes to him.

  3. Your Zack is truly the most adorable child. The first photo on Thomas the Tank is precious....but then all the photos of him are. Fabulous that Izzy loves to stitch with you. Luna's dress is so pretty. Hope all goes well with your dad's surgery and hope Imogen has a fabulous new school year.

  4. Such cute photos of the kiddos!!!

    Best wishes to your Dad on his surgery this week. Hope all goes well.

  5. Congratulations to Imogen on doing so well. Little Zack is gorgeous - I know I say this every time, but MY - he is growing up fast!! Your bunny is looking lovely with a new dress Cheryl.

  6. Zack is such a happy looking soul, bless.
    Our son just to love Thomas. xx

  7. I am not a fan of the soft play centre either. Zacks face was a joy. It is wonderful to be crafting with your Grandaughter, precious moments. Love the dress.

  8. Not a fan of soft play areas either Cheryl....I'm always worried about what could be lurking under the balls in the ball pool.
    Do you know I just want to kiss Zackary's gorgeous little face. He is as cute as a button.
    Love your Luna Lapin in her new dress. The fabric is just perfect.
    What a lovely treat for Imogen after all her hard work and great news that your Dad is getting his operation....I hope everything goes well.

  9. I feel your pain wih the soft play centre. We endured one a couple of weeks ago for a little friends birthday party. The children seemed to enjoy it though. It wouldn't be so bad if they served half decent coffee! 😆

  10. I do remember taking one of my grandchildren to a soft toy place. Once was enough!

  11. Hello,
    I will be praying for your Dad. My dad had a heart attack in 2017. Thank goodness all is well with him today. It is amazing what can be done now days. The power of our doctors and nurses, technology and just everything. WOW! Saving lives!

  12. i dont like outings like that either... Zack is so sweet!

  13. I hope the surgery goes well - worrying but also encouraging. Zack's face was priceless! Well done to Imogen too.
    Luna's dress is very pretty and I can see the start of a whole new wardrobe for her...
    Best wishes

  14. Awww, Zack is such a cutie, wonderful photos. Hope everything went well for Imogen yesterday on her first day, another big step and milestone in her life. Sending my very best wishes for your dad, it's a worrying time but he's been waiting so long for this surgery, hopefully he can get it over with and get a better quality of life.

  15. They're so sweet. Your sachets look so pretty. How fun to enjoy crafting together.

  16. Good news, about your dads operation … sending my good wishes.

    Well done to Imogen on her GCSE's, hoping she has a great year at college.

    Such sweet photographs of Zack, I especially like him and Thomas The Tank Engine.

    Have a good September

    All the best Jan

  17. I hope the surgery went well. Think of you as you go through all of this with your Dad. Love the photos and happy thoughts in this post.

  18. Finally catching up with posts!
    Great photos of Zack looking so sweet!
    Hope the start of 6th form went well for your daughter and congrats on her exam results. Sounds like you had a lovely day together.
    Lisa x

  19. Good wishes for your dad and his surgery.
    Zack's pic did make me smile, such a happy young man
    Well done to your daughter in her achievements.

  20. Such a cute little boy! Hope your Dad's surgery goes well.

    I find that as I get older going to those play places gets harder and harder. I can't stand the noise or the crowds lol

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