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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sewerby Hall and Gardens

Making the most of the sunny winter weather this half term, we bundled into the car yesterday, picked up one of Imogen's friends and went up the coast to visit Sewerby Hall.

There's plenty to see and do, the grand Georgian listed house to tour, a small zoo and beautiful gardens.   We didn't go in the house as it's not easy to access in a wheelchair, but if you can cope with a few hilly slopes, the grounds are very disabled friendly. There are lots of walks and in the Summer it must be a beautiful place to sit amongst the flowers and have a picnic. We walked through the walled gardens and rose gardens... I can imagine they will look beautiful in a few months time.

 There were crops of Snowdrops everywhere you looked, one of my favourite flowers

 And lots of what looked like very well fed, friendly squirrels

These squirrels definitely look quite chubby compared to the ones in our local park!

There was a zoo just off the courtyard, where we were greeted firstly by a Degu.

 There were larmas

 and Alpacas

Pigs and some goats

 and lots of different birds

Capuchin monkeys

 and I think our favourites were the penguins and lemurs

Loving that tail!

There was a small craft area in the courtyard selling beeswax candles and creams. Imogen made a candle to bring home with us, rolling the wax the same way the Vikings first made candles.

It was a lovely day out, finished off with a drive by the coast and fish and chips on the seafront watching the waves.

Take care


  1. The zoo is still there?! This was my special place as a child and I worked there for the summer in 1974 - looking after the llamas. We have photo of my brother as an infant in 1951, with the tme doves on his head as he slept in his pushchair.

    How wonderful to see home haunts on your blog....send me some good Yorkshire chips....the ones in Mid Wales are not so good.

    thanks for sharing your day.

    1. It's had a big refurbishment inside the house so that could be quite different. It was our first visit to the grounds and we loved it... chips are good up here x

  2. It sounds and looks like a great day out with lots to see and do! I hope that Imogen enjoys burning her candle. xx

  3. I haven't visited Sewerby Hall since I was a very small child, I must put in on my list of places to visit. Your day out looks wonderful.

  4. It's lovely to see sunshine and a few flowers again! Jx

  5. Sounds like a lovely day out.
    Anne xx

  6. Sounds amazing pity its hard to reach the house via wheelchair x

  7. It sounds like a beautiful day. I love the llamas and alpaca's.

  8. Hi there just a quick reminder if you still want to donate to Kenya cause its not to late and will be very appreciated. I did an update on my blog if you have time to visit x

  9. what a great place to visit.


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