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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Apple and Rhubarb Crumble

I much prefer crumbles to pies, so thought I'd use some rhubarb and a couple of apples to make a tasty crumble.

So quick and simple, peeled and chopped apples and rhubarb about 1 1/2in pieces.

Popped in a pan with 4 tbs of sugar (or to taste), cinnamon and a few tbs of water and left to simmer. It's rather nice with a splash or two of Port as well!

Crumble mix couldn't be any easier, just flour, butter and brown sugar. You can be a bit healthier and use oats and some chopped nuts give even more crunch.

I lazily popped ours in the food processor and doubled up on the portions.

A few pulses of the processor and there were lovely crumbly crumbs!

Fruit in the base of the dish with plenty of crumble on top.

I doubled up on crumble topping so we could put some in a bag and freeze it. It'll just need defrosting and sprinkling over the next time I make a crumble.

30 minutes later and we were enjoying a lovely hot crumble with some cold, melting ice cream.

Hubby was very happy, and there's plenty left for tomorrow.

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  1. What is it about crumble I wonder, I too much prefer it to pie!! Yours looks delicious!! xx

    1. Thank you, iy must be the crunchy topping we like x

  2. Ooh, you can't beat a good crumble Cheryl, and yours looks amazing! love Claire xx

  3. I think it's the sugar in the topping, Amy. Even if you make a sweet pastry, it isn't quite as sweet, and light and delicious and..............!
    Sadly, our rhubabrb plants have both decided to rot this winter. Do I really want to pay the silly prices charged round here for a couple of sticks? YES! I can justify it because I need to use all those apple slices I froze in autumn, ready for the rhubabrb to spring up.
    It would be a crime not to marry my apple slices to chunks of rhubarb, even if I have to actually BUY it, doesn't it? Please? Somebody convince me it's necessary and not just my insatiable desire to put a couple more inches on my hips with crumble and cream.....
    Thanks for the reminder, Cheryl. Your crumble looks wonderful - mail me some please! LOL.

  4. Yep with you on prefer crumble to piesxx yours looks very yummyx

  5. I'm another who prefers crumbles to pies. My rhubarb has just started growing again so I'm looking forward to harvest time. I never thought to freeze crumble mixture, I'm so going to do that, thanks for a great tip.

  6. Oh that looks delicious. I prefer crumbles to pies too! Great idea about doubling up! X

  7. that looks so good. I can honestly say I have never had apple and rhubarb crumble. Would never think of putting them together.

    Gill in Canada


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