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Sunday, 17 November 2013

My New House

How exciting is that!

It's a small cottage with a kitchen, a sitting room and a bedroom in the attic. Come and have a look around with me.

I love these bells

It even comes with it's own wine supply

Perhaps I should show you from the outside

I had a dolls house when I was a little girl, and Imogen has a lovely one that has migrated downstairs into our dining room. I didn't intend to buy this one, but it was so so cheap that it seemed wrong not to! I've never done up a dolls house, but I can feel my crafty senses tingling.

There's even a broom above the door

I'd like to make it into an old fashioned cottage. It already has a couple of gorgeous bits and pieces in it, my favourite being the bird cage.

The letter rack on the wall.... loving it...

Loving the fireplace too.

I think it's a project I'll save for next year, I really don't think I can justify spending the time on it this side of Christmas and it gives me time to think about what I can do... where to start... and it looks very nice in the conservatory.

I'm quite excited about it, I certainly wouldn't have gone out to buy a dolls house, so I think I'm also very lucky.

Please share any dolls house ideas or experience you have and I'd love to see photos of anyone else's house.

Take care


  1. That looks like its going to be such a good fun project.
    Kate x

  2. It is gorgeous Cheryl! I am sure that you will have so much fun with all of your decorating and renovating. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in your new house! xx

  3. Sounds like you'll have a great time decorating the cottage. My favourite part was the little bells. x

    1. They are so cute, more bells than rooms though xx

  4. I can see that this is going to be one time consuming and exciting hobby for you. Enjoy.
    Love from Mum

  5. Aw what a sweet little house! it's really lovely. Such cute little details inside x

  6. How cute is that little cottage? I have never had a dolls house and I dont suppose I ever will now! My cousin has a couple that she built for herself, she is in her 60's and had two sons like me so it was her dream!

  7. What a great find and a lovely project to look forward to. I loved the photos they look like a real house! Xx

  8. LOVE! I had a dollhouse when I was little and I played with it endlessly. My grandmother had a "real" dollhouse (a collector's type) and that was just fascinating. I wasn't allowed to play with it but I could sit and look at it for hours. It never got old. And I loved going to the dollhouse-miniatures shop with her, that was a paradise.

  9. Oh what a wonderful project for you to be planning in your head while so busy prepping for Christmas Cheryl! You really got me excited with this - I adore it - what a wonderful opportunity to be playing houses and turning it into a miniature home with all the little cuties that you can make and find! Enjoy it! Hugs, Joy x

  10. That is so cute! reminds me of a doll house my mom used to play with as a girl. So sweet.


  11. Oh please can I come over and play? :) I loved my dolls house when I was a girl, and someday I'll have a 'proper' one, and I'll become one of those miniature-mad collectors that goes completely over the top with decorating it...but until then I'll just ogle yours! How much fun are you going to have?!! Chrissie x ps Dolls' House Emporium - check it out online. Have them post a catalogue...

  12. Ooooo, i adore it! It's absolutely wonderful. Have fun! :)

  13. I thought you bought a new house!! Ha!
    Lovely doll house!!

  14. What a gorgeous little cottage, let us know when the rennovations start
    Julie xxxxxxx

  15. Awh it is so pretty and I just want to pop over and play. Little Es has one too and I have been meaning to do lots for it, but haven't gotten around to it. Years ago I saw a fabulous book from the library with loads of ideas of how to make and dress a Victorian dolls house. Enjoy have fun with it, it is gorgeous!! xoxo

  16. It's gorgeous. We bought Eleanor a dolls house years ago, a flat packed one which needed building, decorating and furnishing. I'm ashamed to say that it's still in the box. Never mind, I'm sure we'll get round to it one day. Have fun with yours.

  17. How adorable - I'd like to move in! I have my childhood dolls house in the attic, one day I'll get it down and refurbish it. Yes, one day... xx

  18. Oh my goodness you are going to have so much fun. I love it.

  19. Cheryl, how fun! Years ago we saw Queen Mary's Dolls House at Windsor Castle. Made me wish I had one, but I learned from a friend (with a serious "habit") that it can be a very expensive hobby! Enjoy!


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