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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Holidays are Here

School finished here on Friday, over a week before Christmas. I do think it's a bit early, I'd rather have the holiday start a little later then return back to school a little later too. I can imagine having little ones to entertain this coming week before Father Christmas visits, could make it a long week. Imogen is 14 so I'm not needed much now days when it comes to entertaining! I'm hoping we'll be doing some baking together during the week, maybe watch a couple of films together and I think we may treat ourselves to lunch out one afternoon as well.

When we drop Imogen off at her drama group this afternoon, it's going to be a trip to the supermarket to pick up a turkey, gammon joint and some other bits and pieces. Hmmm, I usually try to avoid Saturday afternoons at the supermarket, but it needs to be done.

I have been doing some more felting. I made another couple of trees to stand with the one I made last week.

I made a wreath, not a Christmas one. I'd made a hedgehog and needed somewhere for him to sit.

I covered a polystyrene wreath with roving then played about making little flowers.

It took a few evenings and I'm not sure if I'll still add some more flowers to it.

I don't think I'll be doing much more crafting between now and Christmas. I do miss having a bigger project on the go like a blanket, it's nice in the evening to have a bit of crochet or knitting to pick up, but I'll have to wait until after next week to sort something out.

Right then, off to face the hoards at the shops...

Take care


  1. Your Christmas Trees and wreath look adorable! Love the little hedgehog.
    I don't blame you for trying to avoid the crowds in the supermarket. I am NOT a big shopper so I try to go when the shops are the least crowded. Hard to do though at this time of year.
    Enjoy your time off with Imogen!

  2. They look ab fab, good luck at the shops xx

  3. Love the wreath, a real delight. The little hedgehog is a real sweetie.

  4. I agree with you about the school holidays. My little grandson gets out next Thursday and doesn't return until Jan 9th! Much different than when I was in school. Your felted trees are so pretty. But, I absolutely love the wreath you created! It's so lovely and such detail. Good luck with your shopping. Have a festive weekend, Pat xx

  5. Your felting is so darn clever. Love the trees and the wreaths. So nice to be able to enjoy an older grandchild! Have fun

  6. Your felting is fabulous, I love that cute little hedgehog and the wreath where he sits is just lovely. I agree about school holidays, I always liked it better when my two started the holidays right before Christmas and then had extra time off after Christmas when they'd got their toys to play with.

  7. amazing cute stuff you shared here dear.
    you get more holidays than here as school here get close only for three days on our yearly festival

  8. Beautiful! Love the needle felting especially the hedgehog on the wreath. So wonderful! That is quite early for school to finish. Mum was saying schools where she is don't break up until mid-week. I'm not sure when they break up here, now that kids are older don't pay much attention lol

  9. I love all of your felted projects. The trees and wreath are so cute, and I love that hedgehog! at first when I saw that needle, I thought it was in your finger and I wondered how you held still long enough for a picture! Then I saw it was the leather thimble. Phew. Have a very Merry Christmas!


  10. What lovely projects, I especially love those trees :-)

    Not much crafting going on here either, hopefully things will slow down after 25th :-)

  11. YO make me want to find my needles and have a go at felting again. Your projects are wonderful.

  12. Shopping at this time of the year...yukkity yuk. =) LOVE your gorgeous wreath. It is adorable. Your little hedgehog looks as if he stepped right from the pages of a storybook. I too, think it would be nice to have more holidays after Christmas. Have the most wonderful Christmas. See you in the new year.

  13. Love your felted trees and wreath. Yes shopping at this time of the year is not much fun, but, have a lovely Christmas

  14. Love your sweet little wreath it is very pretty, and lovely little trees too! Merry Christmas!
    Helen xox

  15. The trees and wreath are gorgeous. I am so fond of butterflies! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  16. Your little forest of trees are so festive. I love the spring wreath too.
    I hope you all had a wonderfully happy Christmas with lots of fun and laughter.
    Lisa x


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