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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Tiny Garden

Our garden is rather on the small side, I find myself looking at pictures of nice, big gardens with a shade of envy. Then I remember how lucky I am to even have a garden, some people have only a yard and some have nothing at all. It may be a tiny plot, but it's our tiny plot, I suppose our little piece of England if you will and we work hard to get as much from it as possible.

I love the garden in July, the flowers are really coming into their own, outside is a riot of colour that just cannot fail to bring a smile to my face.

 I know that was a lot of pictures, but I think they're all so beautiful.

It hasn't been plain sailing, we had quite a nasty invasion of black fly on the Dahlias. It seems to be under control now and my beautiful yellow Dahlia appears to have won the war against the black fly and the nasty slugs and snails that had feasted it almost into oblivion...

 We've had a little rearrangement, moved some of the plants from pots into one of the raised beds, including the Heuchera and Delphinium that were thankfully identified by you lovely people in a previous post.

The Hosta at the front has just started to flower.

Delphinium getting ready to bloom

 Are you flowered out yet? This planter is next to the raised garden we use for growing veg at the back

 Honey is looking up expectedly... wondering if there're any treats on the table

Right at the back Andy's just erected a small gazebo. It's for a barbecue, but is just the right size for a small garden. We've wrapped lots of twinkling lights around it and have some lanterns so it's a perfect retreat in a summers evening. I will get round to to taking an evening photo, it looks so pretty.

 Before I go, an update on the Hydrangea we have at the front of the house. It really has come back with a vengeance, beautiful...

 So lovely, we bought it a friend...

Take care


  1. Hello Cheryl - your garden looks beautiful. So many lovely flowers - hard work, but so satisfying when you get such wonderful displays.
    Your little gazebo looks very inviting - a perfect place for some peace and quiet at the end of the day.........
    Have a lovely week, and Happy Gardening!

  2. Your pots are lovely a riot of colour it just goes go to show what can be done :-)

  3. It doesn't need to be big to be beautiful, as yours IS. : )

  4. I love your little garden. It's beautiful! We have several acres of land, and I have a small little herb garden that I just started this year, and I have a very small flower garden. That's it. And I love them both. Sometimes when you have really huge gardens, you get overwhelmed with all of the work.
    Cindy Bee

  5. Your garden looks lovely, bigger gardens mean more work.
    I love those Petunias I will try and get some next year. I bought a Hydrangea from the car boot but since replanting in the garden it is nearly dead.

  6. A glorious riot of colour and shape, it is amazing what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. Parts of my garden are a wash out this year but other parts are trying hard to make up for it.

  7. your garden may be small but you have some lovely plants and lots of lovely colour going on, it looks great :-)

  8. Your garden may be small but you've certainly made the most of it, it looks fabulous, full of colour. You've even got a lovely place to sit and enjoy it, which I bet looks fantastic when you can see all the twinkly lights.

  9. Cheryl, your garden is beautiful, full of colour! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  10. Your little garden is quite beautiful xx

  11. Looking beautiful...such a lovely space x

  12. It may be a small garden but it looks lovely and so colourful. Besides big gardens are too much work.

  13. What a beautiful array of plants and colours you have in your garden. You certainly deserve that little gazebo and seating area to relax in, you must be kept bust keeping it all looking so pretty,
    Lisa x

  14. Your garden may be small, but you have a lot going on in it. Beautiful. I don't do as much with pots as I should.

  15. So pretty with the flowers and all the bright colors.

  16. Hello, just stopping by occasionally - So cozy, love your hyrdrangeas, they're gorgeous!
    from Pickles :)

  17. I think your garden is magnificent. You can really take good care of it when it's small. I have a lot of land for one person, and my garden gets messy. Yours looks perfect.


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