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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tear and Share Pepperoni and Cheese Bread

Thought I'd do a spot of baking this afternoon. I'd seen a garlic and cheese tear and share in shop the other day and thought a pepperoni one would be nice with some pasta and tomato sauce.

Firstly I had to check I had enough strong (bread) flour in stock!

This is my favourite measuring bowl, it measures in grams, ounces, cups and fluid measurements. I used 450g of strong flour.

I popped the flour in my Kmix, added a teaspoon of salt, teaspoon of sugar and a sachet of yeast (7grams), I also added about 30ml of olive oil, the equivalent of about 2 tablespoons.

As it mixed, I gradually added some tepid water. I started with 300ml, but ended up increasing it to 320ml. Once I finished adding the water, I left it to keep kneading (dough hook on my Kmix) until it looked lovely and smooth and felt elastic and bouncy!

Into a dish to be left to proof

Covered with a clean tea towel

An hour later, it doubled in size. When I lifted it out of the bowl, it felt so light and full of air, just as it should.

On the work surface with some more flour sprinkled under it.

Hubby passing through the kitchen, so commandeered to do some rolling...

Couple of blobs of tomato puree smoothed on with the back of a spoon.

Before placing on the bread, I put the pepperoni and cheese in a bowl so I could add a couple of pinches of oregano, then spread it evenly over the rolled out dough.

Rolled the whole thing like a swiss roll and cut into pieces.

I placed them next to each other in a greased dish

Left for another half hour to proof a little more. Then used a brush to spread a little oil over the top. You can just see in this second picture how it's spread a little more.

In the oven for half an hour

Really turned out nice, light and tasty, enjoyed by all (the second tray was sent to my son)

Take care


  1. Oh wow! That sounds incredible!!!! Yum yum yum!!!

  2. That does sound good, I will add to my recipe collection, thankyou x

  3. I would like that with garlic and herbs drizzled with olive oil

  4. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious! Made me hungry just reading your post.

  5. I can almost smell it, great recipe.

  6. These look delicious! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe :) Pat

    1. And it's so easy to make different variations xx

  7. I love this kind of recipe! I've made something similar for Super Bowl parties, always a big hit. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Oh how delicious that looks. I would never be able to make that and have it turn out like yours did!

  9. Yummy! That looks so good!!

  10. Hello Cheryl - that looks so lovely! What a good recipe, too. I can imagine the wonderful smell in your kitchen when it was cooking!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  11. Wow, it looks fabulous. My lot are big fans of pepperoni, I shall definitely give this a go.

  12. Those are beautiful! My family would love them!!!
    Nothing in the world makes a house smell like home more than bread baking in the oven. Just the sight of it on the rise is one of my favorite things to behold... Ahhh....

  13. They look so yummy!

  14. Now I really want that. Or pizza.

  15. This would go down a hit here at home. Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa x

  16. This looks really delicious!
    Helen xox

  17. Wow your bread looks so good and you make it look so easy to make! :) I co-host a blog party on Monday's called Cooking and Crafting with J&J. I would love to have you join us to share your recipe.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog today! Enjoy the weekend.

  18. Looks delicious! I bet your kitchen smelled wonderful!

  19. Looks amazing will be giving this a try...thanks for the recipe :) x

  20. It looks really yummy Cheryl and easy to make even for me!
    Thanks for sharing!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  21. What a yummy looking piece of baking!!!!! I love
    the colours on your mixer!!! How bright and awesome.


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