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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I Think I'm Regressing!

I think it may be official, I'm slipping back into my childhood, but do you know what... I don't mind in the slightest if it means I get to play with my toys!

My latest find from our local hospice shop is a beautiful little pram with a doll. I have to say I was far more excited about the pram even though it had a horrible stale smoke odour to it.

As with anything 'new' coming into the house, it had to be checked out by other family members

My first job was to remove any fabric and wash it straight away. There was a sweet little 'silk' pillow and cover included too, but they were frayed beyond repair... and I'm looking forward to making some new ones.

After a good wipe down and with freshly laundered bedding, the smell had vanished and it was looking beautiful

I thought it was just the time to make a doll to sit in it, out with the crochet hook, and here's Mindy

I'm very pleased with her. She has a hat, dress, knickers and maryjane shoes all matching with sweet little bunny buttons

She didn't take long to make, though it took a bit of patience to hook each strand of hair in individually, but worth it.

My list of thing I want to make this year is already so long, what sre other people planning for this year?

Take care


  1. You had a lucky find with that pram... it's gorgeous! Jx

  2. What a beautiful pram, it must have been someone's pride and joy.

    1. It was a bit neglected which was sad to see, it's loved now x

  3. A lovely find indeed, and the doll us super x

  4. I love that pram, how wonderful. The doll looks very sweet in it, you did a great job with her.

  5. What a cute pram! That was a great find wasn't it and Mindy looks very happy in her new home! xx

  6. What a fabulous find!

    1. I've been looking for such a long time, it was a lucky stumbling x


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