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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Change in the Weather?

It has been so unseasonably warm, I wish we'd waited a bit longer to change to the winter duvet. Instead of snuggling up under the quilts, I'm throwing open the windows and sticking a leg out the side to cool down... what's that all about?

The weather boffins say it won't last though and things are set to start cooling down. So here's my winter snowman wreath

I've seen a few christmas wreaths with these lovely snowballs. This is inspired completely by the wonderful Sarah and her blog Repeat Crafter Me. She makes such gorgeous things and is very generous sharing her patterns too.

Having a wander around town, I spotted this lovely cookbook from Nigel Slater... nourishing for the soul as well as the body...

It's the second volume of his kitchen diaries, definitely a curl up by the fire and read kind of book

I'm certainly ready for it to get a bit colder (hope I don't regret saying that), lots of hearty winter recipes ready to try out... and Christmas... well I just love Christmas...

Take care


  1. I'm sticking my feet out of the duvet too hehe :) the snowman wreath I great!

  2. love the Christmas wreath, I can't wait to get Christmas stuff out of the loftx

    1. I know... don't want to start too early or I'll burst with the anticipation xx

  3. I like your snowman wreath. I think it looks great, and the snowballs are just cute. x


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